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ServiceDesk Plus – Sending An Email Notification For A Specific Template

16 October 2018

Sometimes it’s handy to know when users might have raised a request using a specific template from the self-service portal. You might even need this…

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Restoring the Old Self-Service Icons in the New ServiceDesk Plus

5 October 2018

As you may be aware the recent ServiceDesk Plus version 9418 update brought various changes, most notably revamped UI and new self-service portal customisation options.…

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Find Out If An Expired Asset Reappears with ServiceDesk Plus and AssetExplorer – Part 1

4 October 2018

As part of the asset management lifecycle, you would change the Asset State in ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus or AssetExplorer to reflect if an asset has…

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When you really need a useful description in ServiceDesk Plus

27 September 2018

Do you often struggle to get your service team to enter meaningful information into a request description other than ‘Done’ or a copy and paste of…

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Asset Auditing With Mobile Barcode Scanner using ServiceDesk Plus

1 March 2018

A number of clients have been requesting the capability to perform a simple audit of in-situ assets using a simple mobile barcode scanner to record…

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Scanning With an Agent in ServiceDesk Plus

15 February 2018

With the new announcement that ServiceDesk Plus will be moving away from agent-less scanning, this is a good time to showcase the benefits of scanning…

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News: Agent-Based Scanning in ServiceDesk Plus

15 February 2018

As of the next hot fix for ServiceDesk Plus, the ability to scan Windows machines without an agent will be removed. All users will need…

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Managing A Change Freeze Window In ServiceDesk Plus Enterprise

13 December 2017

Had this requirement the other day regarding Change Freeze dates. The customer wanted to warn technicians raising changes that their scheduled change dates fell into…

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