The ServiceDesk Plus Masterclass Series is Back!

The ServiceDesk Plus Masterclass series will have product experts taking you through real-life ITSM situations, showing how they can be handled better using ServiceDesk Plus.

You will see how ServiceDesk Plus can effectively and efficiently handle the issues in each scenario.

Learn best practices, workflows, and tips on how you can effectively use ServiceDesk Plus to maximise your organisation’s ROI.

Each session will be done twice – once for the cloud version of ServiceDesk Plus, and once for the on-premise version. The sessions will be 60 minutes long.

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Masterclass Topics & Dates

  • Session 1: Managing Major Incidents with ServiceDesk Plus
    • Cloud: April 29, 11am BST
    • On-premise: April 30, 11am BST
  • Session 2: Steps for a Refined Service Request Management
    • Cloud: May 27, 11am BST
    • On-premise: May 28, 11am BST
  • Session 3: The Easy Route for Successful Change Management
    • Cloud: June 24, 11am BST
    • On-premise: June 25, 11am BST
  • Session 4: Effective Ways to Keep Your IT Assets in Check
    • Cloud: July 29, 11am BST
    • On-premise: July 30, 11am BST
  • Session 5: Q1 & Q2 Round Up – What’s New in ServiceDesk Plus
    • Cloud: August 26, 11am BST
    • On-premise: August 27, 11am BST

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