Information Technology is no longer the black art it once was. More and more individuals are able to access and utilise computer technology to improve their home and work lives. And therein lies the issue. Whilst IT departments continue to strengthen network and application security, the users of those systems are often, largely overlooked.

It used to be that companies were focused on downtime and hardware failure as a principle cause for significant financial loss. As technology, reliability, and network connectivity has increased, the prospect of a data breach and loss of confidential data has even more serious financial consequences for businesses. With the use of IT for work and home continuing to blend ever closer, companies need to be even more vigilant in their security provisions.

ManageEngine has a range of auditing, network monitoring, and security solutions to assist IT teams in strengthening the security and availability of their company applications and systems. But, given that 90% of all cyber related incidents can be attributed to human error1, why isn’t more attention being devoted to ensuring the workforce is as secure as the network? Surely the financial consequences far outweigh the issue of providing employees with the necessary tools and skills they require?

In today’s demanding workplace, a flexible approach is required to raise the overall level of security awareness and its importance to the organisation as a whole. Training content needs to be delivered imaginatively, at a pace that suits the user, and with a variety of reinforcement techniques, to be useful.

Any such company-wide training must be simple to deliver, easy to setup and manage and, more importantly, easy to track overall progress in order to assess results and return-on-investment. Automation policies should help provision the appropriate level of security training based on the individual, with minimal interaction.

In our opinion the Kaspersky Automated Security Awareness Platform delivers all this and more. Not just another training course, the platform includes a range of key knowledge tests and high levels of interaction to engage participants, helping to make learning more memorable and building long-lasting security skills.

A ‘security ready’ employee can only be a benefit to your business after all.

To discuss your cyber security awareness requirements or to arrange a free trial of the Kaspersky ASAP training platform please contact us here.

1. Analysis of data breach reports filed with the Information Commissioner’s Office

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