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Topic: Best practices to monitor hybrid/multi-cloud environments

Date: 3rd November 2020

Why attend: App environments are no longer confined within private data centres. With some components running on-premises servers, some across multiple clouds, monitoring these disparate environments has become challenging. Join our webinar to learn best practices for this new IT paradigm.

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Topic: [e-workshop] Tips to optimise your public cloud spending 

Date:10th November 2020

Why attend: On-demand pricing, decentralized resource procurement, and a multitude of services can lead to surprises in your AWS bill if left unchecked. Join our e-workshop to learn about cloud cost management best practices and see how our new product Site24x7 CloudSpend can help.

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Topic: Reduce calls to help desk using Status Pages

Date:17th November 2020

Why attend: Not just taxes, downtime though undesirable is inevitable as well. Join our webinar to see how our new hosted status pages product Site24x7 StatusIQ can help keep your customers informed and eliminate duplicate support tickets.

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Topic: AIOps for DevOps

Date: 24th November 2020

Why attend: What does preventing incidents, detecting issues, reducing alert noise, and resolving problems quickly have in common? Combining Machine learning algorithms with operational data is driving the next wave of transformation in IT. Join our webinar as we discuss AIOps, its use cases, and potential impact.

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