Secure access to anything from anywhere with Enclave

Gaining access to the appropriate resources at the appropriate time can prove a challenge in today’s multi-faceted networks. With the shake-up in the traditional office model to a more flexible hybrid model of working the need for reliable connectivity to critical resources is paramount.

Enclave allows you to effortlessly connect apps, staff, developers, containers, cloud and IoT devices anywhere without the need for VPN servers, opening firewalls, adding edge devices, or changing infrastructure.

At Set3 Solutions we’re actively using Enclave to allow us secure and direct IP access to our on-premise ManageEngine resources in preference to VPN firewalls or cloud remote access services. The great advantage of using Enclave is that we can easily specify which devices have direct IP access to which services on our internal network greatly improving the useability and access to our internal ManageEngine resources. No split tunnel routing issues or difficulties transferring data as we are instantly and securely connected via Enclave.

Enclave is also ideal in allowing you to seamlessly link any device type or network into a single cohesive network (internal, hot-spot, private cloud, data centre, home worker, 3rd party). This greatly expands the possibilities for a number of the ManageEngine solutions allowing for simplified and central management.

We’re also working on the concept of ‘Just-In-Time’ network access much like ‘Just-In-Time’ privilege elevation. Imagine being able to allow 3rd parties to request access to internal resources via a Just In Time approved network connection directly from your service delivery tool!

We’d love to talk to you more about the possibilities afforded by the use of Enclave. If you’d like to know more simply contact us here and mention Enclave when you do.

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