New Features


  • SDPMSP-10734 : Xero Integration – Sync accounts with Xero and create invoices for specific requests. Track your income and cash flow.
    Sync Accounts details.
    Sync Worklog.


  • SDPMSP-8094 : Worklog type is added as a criteria in Bill Rule.
  • SDPMSP-10738 : Option to Configure output type(HTML/PDF/CSV/XLS) of bills in contract billing using query.
  • SDPMSP-10740 : Ability to add zero value if no bill rule matches field under additional usage charges section.
  • SDPMSP-10778 : Bill Rule – Ability to include isoverdue and isFRoverdue attributes under Request Fields.


  • SDPMSP-9980 : Worklog Type can be configured as a mandatory Field using query.
  • SDPMSP-10727 : Log Account change of a Request in Request History.
  • SDPMSP-10741 : You can now share a Request with Technicians and Requesters from the Request Details page.
    • Requests can be shared with all technicians or technicians of selected support groups and departments.
    • Can be shared with all Requesters or Requesters of certain sites.
    • New filters like Pending Request shared with me and Requests shared with me have been added in the filter drop-down.
    • View/edit permission for a Shared Request will be the same as the access permissions provided to the Technician while a Requester can only view a Shared Request.
    • Note that reports will not contain Shared requests listed in them.


  • SDPMSP-10701 : Option to show Account name as a column through the column chooser in Change list view page.
  • SDPMSP-10742 : Change module will be available for a Requester login when the user is assigned with a Change role.
    Earlier a Requester could access a Change Request only through non-login URL. Now they can access it from their self-service portal.
    Requester will have complete access to mini-calendar and calendar views.
    A new filter ‘All My Changes’ has been introduced in List/Calendar view.
    Access permissions to a Change Request and its operations will be based on the roles assigned to the Requester.
    However, there are a few operations like add/copy/delete Change, associate Incident/Problem, list view actions, history etc., restricted for Requesters.
  • SDPMSP-10743 : Easier user selection component introduced for Change Roles.
  • SDPMSP-10744 : Option to notify users when they are removed from Change role.
  • SDPMSP-10745 : A new variable ‘$StatusSetBy’ has been added under Change stage and status notification template.


  • SDPMSP-10746 : New fields ‘Department’ and ‘Requested By’ has been added in Projects.


  • SDPMSP-6712 : Option to show Account name as a column through the column chooser in task list view page.
  • SDPMSP-9655 : Option to Edit / Delete the default product types.
  • SDPMSP-10255 : Option to show Account name as a column through the column chooser in Problem list view page.
  • SDPMSP-10726 : Option to show Account name as a column through the column chooser in Asset list view page.
  • SDPMSP-10747 : Enhancements in Field and Form rules. ‘show resources’, ‘hide resources’, ‘set task’ and ‘unset task’ actions are supported.
    ‘set task’, ‘unset task’ and ‘clear field’ actions are supported in ‘on Submit’ Rule.
    ‘Select Approver’, ‘Requester Details’ and ‘Login Details’ fields have been added in conditions.
    New script has been provided for ‘Requester Details’ and ‘Login User Details’.
    ‘Show Tasks’ and ‘Hide Tasks’ has been added in Actions and in ScriptEditor for Tasks.
    Inbuilt javascript methods ‘addAllOptions’, ‘setDateFromCurrentDate’ and ‘getApprovalStatus’ have been supported.
  • SDPMSP-10749 : New script methods have been supported in Field and Form Rules: The following scripts methods have been supported in Field and form
  • SDPMSP-10761 : Block specific requesters to raise tickets. User cannot login to the application.
    User cannot raise tickets (mail / web form).

Behaviour Changed

In an SSO-enabled environment, the Keep me signed in option will be unavailable.

  • SD-66938: Expiry time format for STATE_COOKIE is changed from session to seconds(60sec).
  • SD-66934: The “keep me signed in” option in the Login page is to be kept unchecked by default.
  • Previously while deleting a CI type or a product type, a message would be displayed if there are products under the corresponding type. The user had to delete the assets and products under it before deleting the CI Type/Product Type. From now, If a CI type or a product type is deleted, the number of assets and products under it will be displayed and it will prompt the user to proceed with deletion. If the user chooses “Yes”, the assets and products would be deleted and the corresponding CI Type or Product Type would be hidden. The user can make them active, if required.
  • SD-65814: Solution suggestions bulb icon will be disabled and resolution section is made as default view on clicking resolution tab.

Issues Fixed:

  • SDPMSP-9230 : In Scheduled report, $Account and $Site variables are not working.
  • SDPMSP-9508 : Sites is not listed in alphabetical order in advanced search.
  • SDPMSP-9551 : Reply button is missing if a technician is a requester.
  • SDPMSP-10194 : When an account has a Login URI named as Home (which is a reserved word for SDP MSP and customers should not use it) , page crash error will thrown.
  • SDPMSP-10197 / 10822 : Non-login URL in the resolution notification mail asks for Login details.
  • SDPMSP-10296 / 10731 / 10763 : Having french characters in account or site name results in addition of invalid registry key. and ae_scan.vbs file is upgraded.
  • SDPMSP-10736 : An error thrown when we try click save and add new in task through task templates present in Project Templates.
  • SDPMSP-10756 : Exception while executing query containing resolution column in arc_requestresolution.
  • SDPMSP-10782 : Data restore fails in linux while using console mode.
  • SDPMSP-10790 : Site is not auto populating when we create or edit a request.
  • SDPMSP-10808 : Changes are created under different accounts in certain cases.
  • SDPMSP-10813 : Overdue status filter is not working in Reports.
  • SDPMSP-10841 : CAB members listed in certain cases are not account based.
  • SDPMSP-10870 : Reports – Custom report advanced filter values are not retained on edit report.

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 09.42.48

Build Release

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