New features in 9422

  • SDF-69532 : Advanced Analytics integration for ServiceDesk Plus now offers reports on Project and Solution module. In this update you will also get,
    • Request history
    • Email Id for existing modules
  • SDF-72903 : Support for Bulgarian language in ServiceDesk Plus

Issue Fixed in 9422


  • SD-68374 : When a vulnerable license file gets uploaded, no proper error message is shown
  • SD-69317 : Vulnerability: Credential information is hard coded in plain text format
  • SD-71558 : vulnerability in asset association field
  • SD-72592 : Script error pops up while changing the list view filter/personalization in projects/change list view pages.
  • SD-68703 : GET URLs replaced with POST URLs.
  • SD-72082 : Directory traversal vulnerability found in file upload.


  • SD-70986 : Time format configured in Personalize menu is not reflecting in My Reminder(s) widget in the home page
  • SD-73571 : ‘Report an incident’ widget contents are not translated for non-English languages.


  • SD-71616 : Technicians are not able to open pending tasks from their dashboard page if their name contains (,) comma


  • SD-68176 : Closure Code and Closure Comments added by a technician when resolving a request reset to a null value after the requester closes the request.
  • SD-68529 & SD-71431 : An exception is thrown while deleting a conversation in request
  • SD-70631 : Request couldn’t be updated after deleting the user assigned as the request’s Editor.
  • SD-70924 : A service request that’s raised on a template configured with the approval condition Do not assign technician before Service Request is approved and converted into an incident request could not be reverted to a service request.
  • Please note that you can directly modify the template of a service request into a different service template.
  • SD-71888 : Query performance for shared list view filter is improved.
  • SD-72147 : Password Manager Pro Integration: Unable to view passwords for PMP resources from within SDP.
  • SD-72399 : Unable to select request group filter if there are special characters in the group name.
  • SD-73265 : Issue occurs while loading a resource question’s pick list values in grid view.
  • SD-73303 & SD-73306 : Help card text is not wrapped properly in the request details page for requester logins


  • SD-70887 : Unable to add a technician in ‘exclude list’ under ‘Technician Auto Assign’ if the technician’s email id contains a single quote (‘).
  • SD-70990 : In Professional and Standard editions, service category couldn’t be deleted.
  • SD-71632 : Edited SSP message in incident and service catalogs get restored to the default message when PPM is applied
  • SD-71652 : HTTPS error message shown in ME integration page is not pointing to the right section in help card
  • SD-72795 : Closed option is not displayed for Status field in the criteria section of the custom trigger.
  • SD-73310 : Issue of field properties being editable from the requester layout
  • SD-73511 : Unable to add more than 100 values for incident/service request’s pick list additional fields
  • SD-73536 : Inability to add more than 10 options for a resource question, under Service Catalog.
  • SD-73537 : Few customers, who configured the ServiceDesk Plus application in HTTP and simultaneously enabled the HTTP to HTTPS redirection, couldn’t submit the surveys and encountered an ‘undefined’ error.
  • SD-73549 : Inability to add more than 10 questions for a resource, under Service Catalog.
  • SD-71212 : Users’ email addresses are not merged if the user merge process is initiated from the requester list view.
  • SD-73496 : Advanced Analytics sync failure, caused by the addition of encrypted incident additional fields in configuration file, which resulted in breakages in 9418.
  • SD-69043 : Unable to add additional fields in Advanced Analytics Plus if the alias name has more than 60 characters
  • SD-65879 : For enhanced security, Zoho Reports will now be accessible only through TLS1.2 from Nov 1st 2018. Support for TLS 1.2 connectivity has been added in this release. Customers are requested to move to this version before Nov 1st 2018, to avoid Zoho Reports integration failure.
  • SD-72163 : Technician unable to receive chat requests if the technician is enabled for one chat group and excluded from other groups
  • SD-72593 : Technicians with ‘Enable CMDB’ role is not listed in Chat’s ‘All Technicians’ list
  • SD-26644 : Query Report : Capitalized characters in the display name of a column in a table under query reports gets un-capitalized automatically.
  • SD-70145 : Deleted service catalog additional fields displayed under Available Columns in custom reports.
  • SD-73545 : Newly added and modified keys are supported in all languages.
Build Release

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