Behaviour Changes in 9418

  • SDF-63255 : Change workflow will be displayed only in Single view.
  • SDF-72086 : The application will function on free license after the acquired license expiry.

New Features in 9418

  • SDF-73175 : In service templates, ability to mark cost of individual resources along with the base service cost so that requesters get to know the over all service cost, and approvers can take action based on the cost involved.
  • SDF-45759 : In request templates, add sections, search existing fields, preview the template, and provide help content for individual fields and for the template. In addition, you can bulk add pick list values and reorder them.
  • SDF-61033 : Field and form rules inclusion will be indicated by an icon in the incident template list view.
  • SDF-40475, SDF-47321, SDF-47888 : New field types such as Radio and Checkbox are available for incident additional fields.
  • SDF-36189 : You can now change the template of a service request. The new template can be from the same or different service category.
  • SDF-29892 : Archive requests by using the Any Completed Status criteria under Admin>>General Settings>>Data Archiving.
  • SDF-66881 : Files attached to a change in the Submission and Planning stages will be added to CAB recommendation email notifications.
  • SDF-65546 : SDAdmin can now mandate change roles in templates, and users can assign change roles while creating the change request.
  • SDF-63255 : The Notify To field in a change status can be edited only within a change workflow, making the configuration specific to the change workflow.
  • SDF-65657 : In change workflow, configure auto-approval for changes recommended by all CAB members.
  • SDF-65114 : Define change custom triggers to be executed for recommendation, rejection, or any approval action by a CAB member.
  • SDF-73177 : Share a change with all technicians by selecting $AllTechnicians for SharedRole, or select specific technicians for the role.
  • SDF-60652 : User can view and perform approval actions on change requests from within mobile application.
  • SDF-63637 : The Asset Loan feature enables you to mark loanable assets; track asset loaning, return, extension, and expiry; and configure asset loaning notifications.
  • SDF-61123 : Integrate ServiceDesk Plus with Mobile Device Manager Plus to track lost devices and perform various tasks, such as lock the device and wipe off data.
  • SDF-31037, SDF-45095, SDF-37001 : User import from Active Directory now fetches more details, such as Employee ID and Account expiry date.
  • SDF-70656 : ADManager Plus integration, with a revamped UI, now offers the following additional user management actions through Active Directory :
    • Add to Group
    • Modify Department
    • Modify Manager
    • Remove Folder Permissions
    • Remove from Group
    • Set Folder Permissions
  • Configure from the application UI the fields to be displayed in the User Creation form. Map individual user domains with specific templates through which select fields must be modified in the Active Directory.
  • ADManager Plus version must be 6640 or above for the enhancements.
  • SDF-73176 : Configure a password, for both login and non-login users, to ensure secure access to files exported from within the application. Enable File Protection Password under Admin>>Privacy Settings.
  • SDF-65144 : Install the SSL certificate from the UI under Admin>>Security Settings. However, SSL certificate trusted by an internal certificate authority cannot be imported from the UI.
  • SDF-61199 : Under Sites, use the Inactive Sites filter to list the sites that are deleted, but used in the product.
  • SDF-73054 : Customize the Report an Incident widget in the requester home page by editing the HTML. Search option for templates is now available inside the same widget, making it easy and simple for users to raise requests and to report incidents.
  • SDF-69125 : The application login page gets a UI revamp. Under the self-service portal settings, you can customize the login page by editing the HTML and preview the same.
  • SDF-73179 : Inside a change, view, reply to, and forward user emails and system notifications under Conversations.
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