Behaviour Changes

  • SD-69982 : Beyond the Submission stage of a change, the Change Owner will no longer be allowed to globally edit the fields.
  • From the Approvals stage of a change, any global edit made by the Change Manager will be notified to all Change Roles associated. You can disable this under the Change Notification Rules.

New feature in 9407

  • SDF-67777 : Option to choose the US/EU data centres for Zoho Reports under Advanced Analytics Configuration Wizard.

Issues fixed in 9407


  • SD-69155 : Change: Vulnerability in notes is fixed.
  • SD-68759 : Vulnerability in change stage status is fixed.
  • SD-68232 : Vulnerability in problem’s details page is fixed.
  • SD-68092 : Vulnerability in problem’s history tab is fixed.
  • SD-67954 : Vulnerability in custom reports is fixed.
  • SD-67928 : Vulnerability in change and status is fixed.
  • SD-67891 : Vulnerability in scheduled reports is fixed.
  • SD-67786 : Vulnerability in reports is fixed.
  • SD-70829 : Vulnerability in requests in fixed.
  • SD-67696 , SD-67693 , SD-67692 : Vulnerability in Change role is fixed.
  • SD-67317 : Vulnerability in Change is fixed.
  • SD-67373 : Vulnerability in Requests is fixed.
  • SD-67142 : Vulnerability in Reports is fixed.
  • SD-63223 : Vulnerability fixed in password reset form.
  • SD-70451 , SD-70247 : Vulnerability in custom reports is fixed.
  • SD-69912 : Vulnerability issue in a Servlet API is fixed.
  • SD-69611 : Vulnerability issue in query reports is fixed.
  • SD-69261 : Vulnerability in change-struts-config.xml is fixed.
  • SD-70605 : Vulnerability while adding and updating technician details is fixed.
  • SD-68568 : Vulnerability issue in the incident to service request conversion is fixed.


  • SD-67978 : In requests’ Reply, Forward the Request and Email/SMS the Technician notifications, when you enter script tag in the Description field, the script is executed and an error message is thrown.
  • SD-68584 : When XLS files of requests with the custom status Completed are imported, the Completed Date field takes the current date rather than the pre-set values.
  • SD-70653 : Unable to add Service Requests from a requester login if the template has more than 24 single line additional fields with “Requester Allowed to Set” option unchecked.
  • SD-70142 : When auto-closure is enabled and all the tasks of the request are resolved, then status changes are not captured in the history.
  • SD-68996 : Values doesn’t get displayed for the additional fields in the dependency list view of a request.
  • SD-68989 : Support groups’ sender mail address is getting displayed as from address for the request which is assigned to that support group. Issue occurs if the requester replies through portal.
  • SD-68953 : Reply mail is triggered when pressing the enter key from subject column of the reply window.
  • SD-25343 : Clicking on choose button in the Advanced Filtering section under Add custom views page displays a pop up window in smaller size.
  • SD-69394 : Request description’s edit history is not captured if the content is greater than the maximum limit.
  • SD-69753, SD-70167 : Requesters are not able to search requests using request ids.
  • SD-68778 : While printing a request of an actual half page content, it takes up two pages.
  • SD-67445 : In request details page, clicking on monitor icon under the requester’s name does not open up the requester’s asset pop-up as expected in the center of the page. This issue occurs only in Chrome.
  • SD-67527 : Unable to print in the Landscape mode while using Chrome after migrating to 9308.
  • SD-67719 : If we hit the tab key from “Requester” field the cursor’s focus point jumps to “Asset” field for a moment and gets back to the requester field.
  • SD-70889 : Requests: In combined tasks list view, the estimated effort field’s value is shown in minutes.
  • SD-70929 : In request list view left side pane, task’s subject has a bold font which is not pleasant.


  • SD-69758 : Default size of the Add Notes window in problems’ create/edit page has been increased.
  • SD-68743 : Problem – While hovering over a problem in problems list view, associated incidents count is not shown even if there are associated incidents.
  • SD-69884 : In a case, where the application server runs on Windows and has Linux as the client, problem attachments with special characters in their names aren’t saved properly and therefore can’t be downloaded.


  • SD-69474 : In 9323 and the following versions, Assets Involved field value is not added upon adding/updating a change using API.
  • SD-69475 : When field names in change API contain forward or trailing space, the field values are not auto-populated in the change.
  • SD-69903 : When the maximum number of assets are added to a change, only the key is displayed rather than the message itself.
  • SD-69595 : When you create and associate a new change from within an incident or a problem, the assets associated with the incident/problem aren’t added to the change.
  • SD-70143 : After you associate incidents or problems to a change, the incidents/problems selection window fails to automatically close.
  • SD-66044 : Error occurs while updating a Change through API when Group field is marked as mandatory.
  • SD-66292 : ‘Not associated to any site’ option is listed in alphabetical order instead of at top of the list in the Site field under Change details page’ edit section.
  • SD-66868 : Unable to assign group for a change through API if the site is not provided along with the group.
  • SD-61895 : While clicking ‘Send for Recommendation’ in approval section of a Change, the pop-up that appears has a misleading title (“Submit Change For Approval” is shown instead of “Submit for Recommendation”).
  • SD-70981 : Users not able to add approval comments using non-login URLs.
  • SD-68370 : Change owner without the create change permission is not able to edit a change.
  • SD-68708 : Change Additional Fields – Fields added using “Add new field” option in change template gets added to both the template and “Available Fields”.
  • SD-68814 : Change – HTML content is shown in the print preview page.
  • SD-69132 : Change – Print view does not contain the Image attached in the ‘Description’ field of change in “Review” stage. The image’s source is alone shown.
  • SD-68632 : Invalid request (in planning stage) is displayed under archived request for SDAdmins.


  • SD-66579 : Project title is displayed as undefined in the project gantt view when the project doesn’t fall on the selected time span but any of the milestones/tasks fall in the selected time span.


  • SD-61821 : On hovering over ‘All Solutions’ under Topics section of Solution module, the scroll bar flickers and becomes immovable.


  • SD-67899 : Error message is not shown properly while adding a duplicate Custom Triggers name with a script tag.
  • SD-67541 : Admin>> Advanced Analytics: Clicking on texts near the radio button in configuration wizard also enables the radio button. Also, option provided to close images under Reports–>Advanced Analytics.


  • SD-69615 : Print preview page in reports comes with large space between passages.
  • SD-69454 : In CI History and Audit reports, when you miss out From/To date and update them, an untranslated error message with just the key in it is thrown.
  • SD-35320 : Exception occurs when executing a query with ORDER BY clause under Reports–> New Query Report.
  • SD-60523 : Custom report output containing boolean and date fields are right aligned.
  • SD-67835 : Unable to generate “Audit History by Workstation” report.
  • SD-68477 : Reports – In matrix reports, clicking on the currently selected tab changes the tab but not the content.
  • SD-68512 : Reports – Exception occurs in custom report’s filter if there is no value specified in the criteria’s value field.
  • SD-68511 : Reports – Exception occurs when same column name is given in “then group by” select options.


  • SD-70391 : Users could save reminders across the product with just entering some space (without text/numeric entry) in the Summary field.
  • SD-70465 : Broadcast message option is displayed for requesters when the Quick Actions menu is enabled.
  • SD-69583 : In problems and changes, the notes icon appears distorted in notes the list view.
  • SD-70587 : The less privileged users are able to view the technician and the domain details.
  • SD-69304 : NullPointerException occurs when you integrate Analytics Plus (version 3120 and earlier ones) with ServiceDesk Plus.
  • SD-69327 : When one of the two technicians with the same login name in different domains executes a scheduled report, domain credentials of the other user (without the module/scheduled reports privilege) is loaded, at times, and an exception error is thrown.
  • SD-69990 : When you delete service catalog additional fields, they aren’t removed from Zoho Reports integrated with ServiceDesk Plus.
  • SD-70123 : Performance issue due to high CPU usage.
  • SD-65752 : While clicking on Dynamic View for any Data Models under Reports, an error message pops up and disappears automatically.
  • SD-70496 : Issue in re-assigning category if subcategory is moved under another category.
  • SD-68281 : Zreports – Special characters are sent in encoded form while sending an initial success mail.
  • SD-68317 : Zreports – After saving zoho reports credentials, not able to change to Aplus as resetting the password is not possible.
  • SD-68628 : Zreports – Nullpointer exception occurs while parsing change.xml and adding it in zrmemodules.xml. Issue occurs if change.xml entries are already present in zrmemodules.xml
  • SD-68954 : Incorrect ‘Schedule Start’ & ‘Schedule End’ time are shown in Change Calendar if the client and server time zone are different.
  • SD-62367 : Import now button has been provided at the bottom of the AD import window to avoid unnecessary page scroll down.
  • SD-68212 : Proxies will be skipped for locally installed Aplus.
  • SD-68272 : Zreports – Edit option for the ‘host’ field in Aplus configuration is provided.
  • SD-70400 : Timer value is not shown properly for chats transferred to a different technician. Issue occurs if the technician to whom the chat was transferred hits refresh.
  • SD-70807 : Unable to see the Announcement settings section since upgrading to the latest version.
  • SD-70865 : Formatting in the chat box is not done properly.
  • SD-70915 : Announcements order is not proper in the latest version.
Build Release

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