Behaviour Changes in 9331

  • Group filter in request list view filter will be removed by default. You can enable the groups again in the request list view filter by accessing admin>>self service portal settings>>Show groups in request list view filter.
  • V3 API: The parameter name ‘input_data’ must be in lower case.
  • V3 API: Technician key is deprecated as “authtoken” and it should be sent in request header.

Issues Fixed in 9331

Vulnerability Issues:

  • SD-61620, SD-69438, SD-55684, SD-65300,SD-63635,SD-69157, SD-65635, SD-65884,SD-65600,SD-65625,SD-66817, SD-69323, SD-69324, SD-69325, SD-69326, SD-67516 : Vulnerability fixed.


  • SD-66615 : In Task list view when a selected filter view gets deleted, some operations such as ‘show all tasks’ cannot be performed.
  • SD-67723 : In leave mail notification : To and From dates are interchanged.


  • SD-67691: Under Problem & Change, Change by Typegraph is not updated on changing the site.
  • SD-69078 : “If we select “group by” option while creating a custom report : line/area charts are not properly displayed in report’s widget view under dashboard.”
  • SD-69212 : The request summary report projects wrong “Last Week and This Week” data during the start/end period of DST.


  • SD-65757 : When requests are merged, the “Due By Time” and “Response Due By Time” are wrongly calculated.
  • SD-66371 : Logged in requester is not able to access a survey link from a portal.
  • SD-66764 : Approval flow is executed twice if we click on the Accept/Reject button twice in the approval action menu.
  • SD-60354 : A url with braces in it is not saved as a link in rich text fields across the product.
  • SD-60746 : Status change comment is not mandated if the status is changed via global edit option.
  • SD-62883 : Default values of Service Additional Fields in Service template are not picked up on converting Incident to Service request.
  • SD-65118 : Requester is able to access all requests by changing the URL of requests list view.
  • SD-65746 : Requester is not able to create a request in an MSSQL setup if the requester’s name has square braces.
  • SD-66128 : Home page task list view filter and Request task list view filter are dependent.
  • SD- 66256 : Archived Request History is not shown for the requests where worklog timer is stopped by status change.
  • SD- 65742 : Self-Service Portal settings allow admins to display or hide groups in Request List View filters.
  • SD- 65743 : If a request custom filter is edited, only open requests, and not custom filter, view is displayed under the request list view.
  • SD-68030: While clicking on the the approval link under conversation details, an error page is displayed.
  • SD-68011 : Inactive support groups will not be listed in request list’s filter view.
  • SD-68054 : Technicians are able to get requests out of their scope during a default search.
  • SD-68060 : Request’s “DueByTime” is wrongly calculated when we put the requests on hold and update their SLAs.
  • SD-68117 : Reply window does not get closed after sending reply mail if Request tab is closed.
  • SD-69372 : Duplicating a service request takes more time if the number of users are high.
  • SD-68057 : After approving a Service Request with unassigned technician , notification with blank technician name is triggered.
  • SD-68180 : REST API V1: When adding or updating resource answers (plain text type answers) with json input format under service request : the answers get auto revised to lower case.
  • SD-67674 : While converting a service request to an incident request : with “Overwrite field values with template values’ enabled : the description content becomes blank if the template does not have one (description) in it.
  • SD-67724 : Request ID Search is not working properly in requester login.
  • SD-67600 : ‘Resend’ button is removed in approval mail notifications under request>>conversation details.
  • SD-66802 : While the tech auto assign is enabled and the technician field is changed to ‘unassigned’ status and the save button is hit multiple times, then the technician also gets dynamically changed/updated multiple times.


  • SD-55537 : Problem status is shown as ID in Day view of the problem history.
  • SD-67567: Unable to close a problem when the Closed Date field is empty.


  • SD- 65664 : When assigning more than one change role to a technician, multiple notifications are sent for the user through change stage and status.
  • SD- 56906 : If the mail content or subject does not contain the Non login link, bulk notifications are sent to all users.
  • SD-65252 : Task-related status comment not updated in the Change Implementation phase.
  • SD-65664 : Users with multiple change roles receive multiple notifications through Change Stage and Status.
  • SD-66672 : – When a change is deleted, the corresponding row in approval details table is not deleted.
  • SD-66801 : In the planning tab, user information disappears when the page is refreshed or when the tab is toggled, after adding impact, rollout, backout plan, checklist, or downtime.
  • SD-67938 : Additional fields are allowed with similar name in Change additional fields.
  • SD-68414 : File attached with an empty description in change request and again viewing the same page displays ‘&nbp’ in the description of the attached file.
  • SD-69007 : Links in the Print Preview page of a change doesn’t work.
  • SD-67698 : Error occurs when Add/ Delete option for Downtime field in the planning stage is clicked multiple times.
  • SD-67162 : When Downtime set in the planning stage is edited in the implementation stage, it does not get updated.
  • SD-67323 : The field values that are added or edited under planning stage are hidden when using the application in Microsoft Edge.


  • SD-68799 : While importing assets through CSV, additional fields’ values are displayed as null.
  • SD-68937 : Unable to scan SNMP devices during network scan when multiple credentials are configured for it.
  • SD-69094 : UK constraint Exception after migrating to 6129.
  • SD-67750 : A technician with permission to edit assets is not able to reconcile two assets.


  • SD-67825 : Error while deleting CI Type under which there are more than 10000 assets.

Purchase Order

  • SD-68900 : Comments in the cancelled PR’s snippet view is encrypted.


  • SD-60470 : Additional fields that exceed the character limit are truncated when it is associated with a template and when a problem or change is created.
    Warning message is not displayed when the character limit for additional field name exceeds.
  • SD-68428 : While creating a pick list change additional field with empty values or defined values, random values are displayed instead of the defined values.
  • SD-68434 : Values selected in ‘Services Affected’ field in Change template are unchecked when reopened.
  • SD-68436 : If we click on any one of the selected assets in change template’s ‘Assets Involved’ field and then re-edit, assets get duplicated.
  • SD-68965: In ADMP action menus edit page, ‘Roles’ dropdown is empty in MSSQL. Roles API is sending the failure message, when we try to fetch the roles.
  • SD-69209: While adding a product name with special characters for a new software, the auto populated product name is encrypted.
  • SD-69177 : User gets authenticated via SSO even when LDAP authentication is configured.
  • SD-69126 : “When a requester in a site that refers to another site initiates a chat request : the support groups associated to the site are not displayed”
  • SD-68739 : “When a request with on hold time is duplicated : the duplicated request displays incorrect due by time.”
  • SD-68558 : Tabs in the mail server settings page takes longer time to load.
  • SD-67868 : Application does not restrict lengthy (Exceeding 100 characters) additional field names that are associated to templates which results in truncation of those names while creating a request.
  • SD-67737 : Additional fields mapped with incident/service templates are removed if we rename the additional fields.
  • SD-67617 : Standard Edition : “Notify technician when a request is shared with him/her.” option is not available in Notification Rules.
  • SD-66311 : Email command does not work for outlook mails in HTML/Richtext formats.
  • SD-66669 : Requester is not able to create a request in an MSSQL setup if the requester’s name has square braces.
  • SD-67010 : Tasks does not get copied while copying Service Catalog Template.
  • SD-60226 : Unable to copy Service Request Template containing tasks with dependencies.
  • SD-24345 : URL with braces mentioned in the description of a request is displayed as a plain text instead of as a link.
  • SD-49399 : Unable to view Requester details from request details page if technician is not having ‘Editing Requester’ role.
  • SD-48586 : When a support group is renamed in the default site, it does not get updated in the respective copy site


  • SD-21428 : Link icon (hand symbol) is not displayed while hovering mouse over delete/edit buttons under ‘Scheduled Reports’ list view.
  • SD- 24908 : Questions marks in additional fields are converted as hyphens after running reports.
  • SD-29462 : New line feeds are missing in request’s report description field.
  • SD-30037 : Grid lines are missing in advanced matrix reports when they are exported in pdf format.
  • SD-30518 : For users with custom/special roles, their permission check is not applied other than the first page of the reports results page.
  • SD-32323 : Unable to run audit and workstation summary reports when the organization’s name has double quotes.
  • SD-34859 : While generating stacked reports in vertical orientation, invalid labels with ‘zero’ value appears. Also while generating stacked reports in horizontal orientation, labels are not displayed properly.
  • SD-35320 : Exception occurs while trying to execute a query with “ORDER BY” phrase in it.
  • SD-38105 : Improper construction of query while running a matrix report with date filter.
  • SD-38109 : Issue occurs while generating reports if the logged in user’s name has a back slash character.
  • SD-38257 : Default items are not appearing under advance filter while creating custom reports in change.
  • SD-48747 : For tech having custom roles, edit permission is not available in the reports list view page, however edit permission is available after the report is generated.
  • SD-49068 : Issue : When license is changed from Enterprise to Standard , “Change Approvals” is shown in Home Page.
  • SD-52536 : In custom report’s ‘Date filter’ if the ‘from’ date is not given, then the report gets generated but it cannot be saved.
  • SD-53734 : When date fields are null in advanced matrix report, irrelevant entries are found in first column of the report.
  • SD-66205 : Charts in custom reports appear right-aligned.
  • SD-66286 : The scheduled time displayed on the page refers to sever time and not the user’s time zone.
  • SD-66372 : Unassigned date fields in advanced matrix custom reports displayed incorrect values under the Date and Time columns.
  • SD-66562 : Only a part of the organization name is displayed in some reports.
  • SD-68433 : Unable to generate frequently asked query reports.
  • SD-67100 : Error occurs upon triggering a report with an additional field column containing ‘}’ character.
  • SD-67375 : A report with too many columns, when exported as pdf is illegibly zoomed in.
  • SD-67305 : Error occurs when you try editing the ‘Chart properties’ of a saved line chart report.
  • SD-67438 : A 3D bar chart report with certain combination of columns appears truncated when exported as pdf.
  • SD-67509 : ‘OverDue Status’ field is introduced for archived request reports.


  • SD-66285 : Search through “All Assets” creates a huge load on the server and causes it to crash.
  • SD-65046 : Auto-completion in password fields is disabled.
  • SD-69440 : Pass Through Authentication gets delayed in IE 11.
  • SD-69344 : SD-Users are unable to login to the application via pass through authentication in IE and Microsoft Edge, as page gets redirected to j_security_check.

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