Vulnerability issues:

  • SD-63275,SD-65316,SD-65524,SD-65525,SD-65593,SD-66578,SD-67996,SD-68298,SD-68387,SD-68390,SD-68391,SD-68392,SD-64424:Vulnerability fixed.


  • SD-68259: Default widgets in dashboard page does not facilitate scroll functionality.


  • SD-69301: In some scenarios, domain name in the application URL is missing when we pick up a request from the request list view.
  • SD-69238: Custom triggers values organized and saved in the ‘Organize Actions’ pop-up are not retained when the pop-up is opened again.
  • SD-69136: In Quick create request form, associated site of a requester is not populated on selecting the requester’s name.
  • SD-68623: Unable to add attachments with commas (,) in their names in requests.
  • SD-68609: Unable to view conversations of archived requests.
  • SD-68342: When multiple approvers are selected through ‘Select Approvers’ field in a service request, only one approver is saved.
  • SD-68279: While adding a pick list additional field, the text “select option” gets added as a value in Japanese version of the product. 
    Note: This fix will only solve any future issues, however, for the older ones, we suggest you delete the wrongly added values manually.
  • SD-65236: Request Module: If the size of system triggered notification exceeds 64k, they are not moved as attachments.
  • SD-29923: Attachments with ampersand character in their names are missing in forwarded requests.


  • SD-68262: In solution’s details page, associated problem’s id is displayed with an anchor tag.
  • SD-68044: When “solution” string is used while searching for a solution, a number formatting exception is thrown.


  • SD-68383: When windows domain scan fails, it displays “Agent Connection Timeout” error even though the agent Port is open and the machine is reachable.
  • SD-68320: Option to configure server IP address and edit web server port for agent under Admin – >> Windows Agent Configuration >> Configure.
  • SD-67022: Support for infinite scrolling in department’s dropdown similar to that of the user’s dropdown.
  • SD-62900: Unable to delete attachments from CIs. It’s listed up when refreshing the page even after deletion.


  • SD-69073: Technicians (with full purchase permission/access to view all sites) are not able to view PRs created by them if PRs are associated to sites.
  • SD-69016: Items associated to the previous vendor are not removed while editing /adding a vendor in purchase order.
  • SD-68841: Loading issue with “View PO Associated Assets” list view / Global Search with “All Assets” option does not work once we sort the “PO Associated Assets” List view with CIType.


  • SD-68879: Issue in overriding custom styles in Admin page.
  • SD-68788: While executing custom triggers for a request, JSON object related exception is thrown.
  • SD-69122: Unable to save quick links for apps under Admin>>General Settings>>ME Integrations>> Quick Links.


  • SD-68220: When reports are generated from report’s list view, spacing between lines in the reports are increased.


  • SD-69346: While clicking on the community tab, the following error is thrown “Unable to process your request. Please check the URL “.


  • SD-69330: The string ‘Feedback’ is replaced with ‘Contact Support’ in feedback page of the application and under header section of ‘Help’.
  • SD-69245: IE 9 browser support removed, alert message is not shown properly while upgrading through console mode.
  • SD-69104: While performing a lucene search, latest records are not displayed at the top.

Mobile app Info:

  • Links for IOS and android apps are given under profile and admin section , available for SDAdmins and SDSiteAdmin.

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