New Featues

  • SDF-68773 : ServiceDesk Plus now supports deploying Desktop Central’s User-defined Configuration templates from your request window.

Behavior Changes

  • Steps for installing or uninstalling software applications using Desktop Central Software Deployment feature has now been simplified.

Issues Fixed

Dashboard :

  • SD-67021 : Count mismatch of Purchase Orders in Asset Dashboard

Request :

  • SD-68563 : Field and Form Rules are not working for ‘Select Approvers’ Field.
  • SD-68546,SD-68537 : 9320 breakage: Unable to search the merged requests.

Asset :

  • SD-68393,SD-68394,SD-68395,SD-68396,SD-68397 : Vulnerabilities in asset details page and workstation list view page have been fixed.
  • SD-68854 : Ssl certificate configured for mail fetching and analytics+ is being overwritten by SDP web server’s ssl certificate.
  • SD-66846 : Unable to delete the attached file of a software license if the file name has a “#” symbol in it.
  • SD-39260,SD-56353 : Exception while editing dynamic asset group.
  • SD-59881 : “All Assets” filter is not displayed if “All Assets In Store” link is clicked after viewing other product type list views.
  • SD-66424 : Not showing the depreciation details while adding a new asset or workstation in SDP Professional Edition.
  • SD-68010 : Asset edit page stalling while trying to load unwanted js/css files.
  • SD-51451 : The technicians having Asset View-only role can delete the attachments in asset detail page.
  • SD-64442 : The relationship for Virtual machine and host are not showing in relationships tab while updating the server.
  • SD-65173 : Listing all Workstation/Server inventoried without site restriction.
  • SD-67449 : Scan : Privilege Escalation Vulnerability issue fixed while scanning.
  • SD-59991 : Scan : Users having lower privileges than administrators can view the system log viewer after a scan failure.
  • SD-68643 : Currency : British pound sign “£” is replaced with A3.
  • SD-68545 : NullPointerException while importing assets through CSV Import in Professional Edition.
  • SD-68398 : Unable to receive Software licenses in Purchase orders.
  • SD-68269 : Unable to scan switches in Network scan.
  • SD-67633 : ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException if Serial Number column is sorted in workstation list view.
  • SD-66132 : If product type name change has modified the name of a child CI Type instead of the parent CI Type, during migration the child CI Type name is reverted back to the original name and parent CI Type name is modified as the latest product type name. For eg: if product type “IP Phone” is changed as “ABC”, then the child CI Type “Cisco IP phone” would have changed to “ABC”. Now in this migration, “Cisco IP Phone” CI Type would be reverted back to its old name and “IP Phone” CI Type would be modified as “IP Phone’.


  • SD-65115 : API : Range not working for GET_ALL CI in MSSQL build.

Purchase :

  • SD-65713 : Empty space in file names are replaced with “+”symbol while downloading as attachments.

Contract :

  • SD-63036 : Cannot open an expired software license from Contract Expiry notification mail.
  • SD-67559 : Vulnerability issue fixed in Contract List view.

Admin :

  • SD-52766 : Removed the unused option to add image under Admin–>Product comments.
  • SD-60734 : Admin Additional fields : Cannot view a lengthier pick list item in a Pick List additional field.
  • SD-67619 : Vulnerability issue fixed in Credential library.
  • SD-68548 : Sites are not loaded in the ‘Exclude chat for site(s)’ field under Chat settings.
  • SD-68216 : XSS Vulnerability issues fixed.
  • SD-61854 : Hebrew characters are wrongly parsed in the mails received from Exchange mail server.
  • SD-68711 : Sample code given in the “Execute Script” section of field and form rules is wrongly showing ID’s instead of text.

Reports :

  • SD-60235 : Vulnerability in Audit Reports has been fixed.

Others :

  • SD-67772 : Option to configure the fetch size for individual tables in the database while taking backup.
  • SD-66687 : Request is not getting created since the Sequence Generator is not properly updated.


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