• SDF-65927 : ServiceDesk Plus now supports SAML 2.0, which is an easier alternative to conventional sign-in methods already available for online services. Users will no longer have to provide passwords specific to each service they access. Configure SAML single sign-on from Admin >> Users >> SAML Single Sign-On. To learn more, click here.
  • SDF-58535 : Clear button introduced for all date fields in the Project module.
  • SDF-81252 : Feature Overview Videos :
    SDAdmins can now watch feature overview videos for admin configurations, including request life cycles and field and form rules from within the product. Videos on effective incident management and service management processes are also available.
    The videos will auto-play on application startup and upgrade but can be skipped. SDAdmins can access the videos anytime from the request list view page.
  • SDF-72081 : In Admin >> Survey email configuration, the skip survey link is now listed as a variable which you can choose to include in the email content. You can also customize the email content in non-english languages.

Issues Fixed


  • SD-80778 : CSRF vulnerability in Tasks under Notification rules while performing add/edit/delete operations.


  • SD-69351 : An error message is thrown while editing the reminder page.
  • SD-80256 : In requester login, when an user minimizes and maximizes the self-service portal page, it gets stuck there and expands only after a refreshing a page.


  • SD-80678 : Performance issues in request fields configured with dependency using field and form rules.
  • SD-80658 : Requester details are not changed as per field and form rules while navigating to other tickets via the left-side panel.
  • SD-49227 : The copied images from outlook are not getting pasted into SDP.
  • SD-80231 : Text wrap is not applied for notes when the font and size are changed.


  • SD-80052 : A status change notification triggered by a change workflow is sent to users configured in other change workflows besides the correct users.
  • SD-80363 : Unable to open the Change Calendar View in Chrome.


  • SD-80501 : In Gantt view of Projects, navigating between milestones from the popup displays an error message.
  • SD-80429 : Performing column search in Members tab under Projects >> Project Details Page does not display the row count in some scenarios.


  • SD-80785 : In tasks, when a technician without SD Admin role creates a task filter with Group as a condition, the group drop-down does not load properly.


  • SD-79205 : In Assign Ownership pop-up if we click the Save button multiple times, the application creates multiple loaned assets.


  • SD-80358 : In Admin >> Users >> Active Directory, clicking the refresh button starts importing users from the Active Directory. Also, unable to import users if the Move Assets option is disabled.
  • SD-80648 : Under Admin >> Users >> LDAP, unable to import users by mapping the Reporting To field when the manager of a user is disabled.
  • SD-80125 : Unable to delete multiple user groups from the Admin configurations.
  • SD-80814 : Unable to assign more than two organization roles when creating a new site/region.
  • SD-75206 : Null pointer exception occurs while sending a periodic survey.
  • SD-77471 : Technician list view page takes longer time to load.
  • SD-81192 : Not able to change inactive sites to active sites.


  • SD-80356 : Performance issue in Reports.
Build Release

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