Behaviour Change

  • SD-74141 : Upgrade Restrictions will be applicable to users who have perpetual licenses without AMS.

New Features

  • SDF-75911 : Option to mandate survey comments field in survey templates.

Issues Fixed

Requests :

  • SD-76587 : Filter set for request details page list view in one browser, it gets reflected in another browser.
  • SD-75795 : When there are more list view personalizations for request related list views then adding an additional field takes more time.
  • SD-72806 & SD-70615 : Going forward requesters can only reopen their closed requests via web client if the option “Allow requesters to reopen their own requests” is enabled in the self-service portal.
  • SD-72436 : When a technician with request add and view permission tries to duplicate a request, an exception is thrown.
  • SD-71727 : When “reason” attribute is used to add notes while updating a request via API, it is not getting captured in history.
  • SD-70034 : Technician field for Custom Completed Requests are not retained when a technician is deleted.

Projects :

  • SD-75208 : In task comment notification template, entity ID for Project, Milestone and Task are not given.

Assets :

  • SD-76277 : During asset scanning, a duplicate key exception occurs if the asset names after renaming (by the application) coincide with the existing names.
  • SD-71368 : Product Type modification window opened from Actions in the asset details page contains garbled text. The issue occurs only when the application is displayed in certain non-English languages.

Purchase :

  • SD-70381 : Additional fields are not displayed in the details page of assets and workstations that are added through purchase orders.

Admin :

  • SD-70511 : Business rule set with Mode is None and Group is None criteria is not getting applied.
  • SD-69915 : An irrelevant error message added under Community >> System Log Viewer for each schedule of Software License Notification.
  • SD-75577 : In self-service portal’s landing page, a misleading translated content is used for the German language.
  • SD-76009 : Employee ID field is not getting imported from LDAP.
Build Release

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