Behaviour Change

  • SD-76081 : When new approval stage/new approval in upcoming approval stage (stages greater than the in-progress stage) is added, users will be prompted to enter email id to send the approval. The notification subject and content will be hidden.

Issue Fixes

Requests :

  • SD-76618 : In a specific scenario, Technician field value is not set.
  • SD-76385 : Unable to make an already added Incident additional field common to both Incidents and Service Requests.
  • SD-76332 : Unable to set values for check-box type resource field via field and form rule.
  • SD-76306 : In IE, the shortcut key NR is wrongly interpreted while trying to type values (“NR”) in text fields of a request.
  • SD-76105, SD-75977 : When a user changes the request status to completed while editing a resolution, Go to Work log window appears with a message stating work log is mandatory as per request closing rules.
  • SD-76020 : Work log type is not accessible through API.
  • SD-75552 : Info/help icon is not shown on keyboard navigation (tabbing) in New/Edit Request Page.
  • SD-75527 : Request ID will be static on the request details page window while scrolling.
  • SD-75203 : While performing inline edits on requests, the request page freezes or a mandatory alert is shown for an unavailable field. The issue occurs when mandated request fields are hidden via FAFR form load.
  • SD-76307 : Service request template value is updated with incident template value when one user tries to update the incident request, meanwhile, another user converts it to the service request.

Vulnerability :

  • SD-76400 : MIME-sniffing vulnerability in purchase requests.
  • SD-76357 : Phishing vulnerability in login page of the application.

Projects :

  • SD-76492 : Unable to export Project module’s Gantt view as a PDF.

Admin :

  • SD-76671 : A deleted Project additional field continues to be displayed in Project Templates.
  • SD-76399 : Inserting hyperlink to any text with $EntityLink variable doesn’t work in Task Comments Notification Template.
  • SD-76365 : Issue while adding comma separated values to Multi Select field.

Others :

  • SD-76159 : Memory allocation in the bundled PostgreSQL database has been increased. To effect this in Linux installations, you must manually add or modify the following parameter values under /etc/sysctl.conf :
    kernel.shmmax = 536870912
    kernel.shmall = 262144
    Then, execute the sudo sysctl -p /etc/sysctl.conf command to reload the configurations.
    Note: PostgreSQL will not be started in Linux machines if you fail to update the parameters discussed above.
  • SD-75077 : PUT and DELETE operation in v3 API isn’t working in a few customer environments.
  • SD-72381 : Performance related issue is fixed.
Build Release

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