New Features in 10010

  • SDF-74562 : ADMP menu will be displayed to all technicians associated to roles in the ADMP actions configuration.
  • SDF-75163 : Option to allow task technician to access requests and technicians in a task group to access requests.

Issues Fixed

Vulnerability :

  • SD-22229 : Vulnerability in the Solution module fixed.


  • SD-74577 : History is updated wrongly when a request is resolved from pending stop timer status using the global edit option. The issue occurs if the automated close is enabled.
  • SD-72829 : If a requester's department gets changed after a request creation, then the request's department is also getting changed.
  • SD-69290 : Unable to save Allowed Exceptions in Data Archiving.
  • SD-70641,SD-72380,SD-69076 : In request add page, the requester details are not getting populated. The issue occurs if the requester is associated to an asset which has single or double quotes in the name field.
  • SD-71148 : Adding resolution to a ticket from the resolution template does not overwrite the existing resolution but rather gets added to the existing resolution.
  • SD-75299 : Update button is missing in request details page while editing through inline edit.
  • SD-74664 : Technician collaboration view count is not updated in the request, if one of the technician (collaborator) moves to the previous request by clicking the browser back button from request details page.
  • SD-74484 : Attachment name is trimmed while clicking Print Preview in request details page.
  • SD-74654 : Back button is missing in the add dependency (actions) window while editing from the request details page.
  • SD-74220 : When there is an unsaved resolution and an user tries to navigate to the next or previous request, the alert appears twice.
  • SD-75583 : After searching a request in request list view, users are unable to update the Status of that request.
  • SD-74704 : Under Advanced Search and New Custom View in Requests, sites are not listed alphabetically.
  • SD-75163 : Technician can now view the request associated with the assigned task.
  • SD-75545 : Browser auto complete of the subject field in add new request page is disabled.
  • SD-75725 : Chat conversation is appended as a system reply instead of requester reply once the chat is closed.
  • SD-74518 : Emails incoming from the Outlook Web App are threaded inaccurately in ServiceDesk Plus because of incorrect References header.
  • SD-73197 : In-Reply-To headers of outgoing emails are incorrect.

Change :

  • SD-74474 : Unable to update category in change details page using the spot edit option.
  • SD-71010 : Custom page title with special characters is jumbled in the change details page and the problem details page.
  • SD-74401 : When Spot edit is used for the change details section, some fields aren't displayed properly. The issue occurs only when the change is raised on a template that has Category removed.
  • SD-72072 : Group is displayed incorrectly in the View Changes API for changes assigned with a site that's referred to the default site.
  • SD-75511 : Unable to update change fields using API if the change is not assigned a group.

Assets :

  • SD-74313 : Breakage: Assets: Comments field shown while changing an asset's state is also shown while editing an asset.
  • SD-75530 : Alert message in unnecessarily displayed while moving assets from one department to another (which is not associated to any site).

Purchase :

  • SD-74362 : Unable to close Purchase Orders created from Purchase Requests. The issue occurs if the Purchase Requests have value for 'Requested by' field.
  • SD-73425 : Item name modified from Admin > Product will get reflected for purchase orders and purchase requests in open status from now on.

Admin :

  • SD-74308 : Unable to remove service catalog additional fields (pick list) values.
  • SD-75565 : Removed groups are still displayed under associated area of incident templates.
  • SD-75556 : In some Linux environments, users are unable to add/update request templates.
  • SD-75704 : Unable to delete a question and save a resource in one go. It takes a couple of attempts to get saved.
  • SD-44560 : Select field in Organise Business Rule window is now re-sizeable.
  • SD-75572 : Unable to add variables $FullName $FirstName etc, to the description and save button doesn't work in the Click Here to customise the approval reminder mail notification window under Admin >> Self-Service Portal >> Approval Settings.
  • SD-75569 : If the task template count exceeds 250, users are unable to access remaining templates from the request template workflow.
  • SD-74123 : Under Admin >> Change/Problem Management >> Change Workflow, the default change workflow has the Set as Default option unchecked.
  • SD-75385 : Unable to remove the technician assigned for Change Manager under Admin >> Helpdesk Customiser >> Category.
  • SD-74079 : Users imported from LDAP contain incorrect Site and Department values.
  • SD-76092 : When mails are sent to groups without inline images, mail fetching is aborted.

Others :

  • SD-76133 : In Linux setups, users are unable to upload files.

Build Release

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