Behaviour Change

  • SD-73515 : Under Admin >> Mail Server Settings >> Outgoing, an alert message will be displayed when the primary server has connectivity issues. Meanwhile, emails will be sent through the alternate mail server (if configured) until you save the mail server settings again or restart the application.

Issues Fixed

Vulnerability :

  • SD-74131 : IDOR vulnerability in request attachments.
  • SD-69609, SD-75691 : JIRA Integration: Option to configure JIRA integration settings (Username and Password) from ServiceDesk Plus UI. Admin » Integrations » JIRA
    Note : All other configurations other than username and password are still in Jira.xml. Click here for more.

Home :

  • SD-74980 : The Scheduler displays Closed tasks as well.

Dashboard :

  • SD-71787 : When a requester tries to view a shared executive dashboard, an authorization error is thrown.

Requests :

  • SD-74402 : Task comment in a service template is not displayed in the request raised by using the template via requester login.
  • SD-72397 : Business Impact field in Right Hand Side panel and Requester Details dialog are hidden for Standard Edition.
  • SD-70781 : When emails with attachments (.eml files) are sent to ServiceDesk Plus, the attached files are processed and added to the request description, but not as file attachments.
  • SD-72427 : Inline images in mails sent from Outlook 2016 are not parsed in ServiceDesk Plus.
  • SD-75736 : Browser personalization is not considered for new request details page in non-English languages.

Admin :

  • SD-74749 : Text wrap is not applied in FAFR.
  • SD-75736 : Hints in the self-service portal are not translated for German language setups.

Reports :

  • SD-75235 : A horizontal bar is displayed while selecting Requesters in the Advanced Filter section of the Reports page. This issue occurs only in IE.

Others :

  • SD-58938 : Local authentication does not work when users associated with the domain log into the application through native mobile applications.
  • SD-70207 : FAFR changes are not captured in the system log viewer.

Build Release

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