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New Features

  • SDF-70860 : Request Life Cycle (RLC)

    • Configure a clear sequence of statuses for any incoming request so that the assigned technician is guided to the next possible transition(s) easily. The next possible transition for any request is displayed in the Request Details page.
    • Associate a life cycle to any number of templates. However, a template can be associated with only one life cycle.
    • The life cycle contains nodes (request status) and transitions. The transitions are paths that connect two statuses. Transitions can be configured with rules to check for criteria and trigger corresponding actions or send notifications. These transitions can also be restricted by login permissions. That is, only authorized technicians will be able to work on specific transitions.
    • You can also mandate request fields during a status execution than when the request is being logged.
    • Admin >> Helpdesk Customizer >> Request Life Cycle Click here to learn more
  • SDF-73206 : Request Details Page – Revamp

    The request details page has been given a UI revamp with the request information prioritized with clear categories to help users quickly access the requests.

    Some of the modifications are as follows:

    • The page is divided into three sections: Request List, Request Details with the Global Edit option, and Crucial Request Information with the Spot Edit option.
    • Custom actions are listed in a separate drop-down.
    • Work logs are accommodated in a brand-new tab.
    • Combined view for notes and conversations through email notifications.
    • Request Closure Wizard has been introduced.
    • Request Preview has been revamped across the product.
    • New Attachment Viewer for the Request module.
    • Support to drag and drop files to the Attachments section.
    • Under Requests, click any request. Click here to learn more.

  • SDF-71026: HTML Editor Enhancements

    • HTML editor across product now has the following enhancements:
      • Smiley support
      • Modify Table Properties
      • Edit HTML Code
  • V3 API support for Custom Trigger

  • SDF- 69055 : Perform custom trigger actions using the V3 API. Click here to learn more

    • Notes API for Requests

  • SDF- 74194: Add, update, get, delete notes to requests using V3 API
  • SDF-69055 : Email notification in Custom Triggers

    • Notify users about the important events in a request’s life cycle. You can notify technicians about high priority or important requests right when it is being created or notify requesters once their tickets get assigned to a technician.
    • Create and save new templates for the email notifications and use them when needed.
    • Admin >> Custom Triggers >> Email Notification Click here to learn more.
  • SDF-26625, SDF-57839, SDF-40620 : You can now add attachments to a request by using the drag and drop option. Also, files that can be previewed will have Preview and Download options separately. Other files will be downloaded in a click.

    • Request >> Attachments

      View screenshots attached in requests from the request list view.

      Requests >> Request List view >> Attachment icon

  • SDF-36474 : Option to display resolution in the request details page while selecting

    • Actions >> View Requests by Requesters
  • SDF-65492 : HelpdeskConfig Role

    • Introducing a new role “HelpdeskConfig” to perform all request-related configurations across the product. This default and non-editable role has access to only the Home and Admin pages. Can be used to share the SDAdmin’s workload.
    • Admin >> Users >> Roles
  • SDF-45919 : Option to show/hide asset field for users in the request creation page.
  • SDF-46761 : Option to change request status from the requests list view.
  • SDF-39211 : Option to show the mandatory label mark (*) when a request is edited through inline edit.
  • SDF-40620 : Attach files to a request using the drag & drop option.
  • SDF-73523 : Requester’s email info will be displayed while sharing a request.
  • SDF-46873 : Under Conversations, you can now sort the request notifications and notes, together or individually, based on the earliest or recent time of creation.
  • SDF-50913 : You can now separate and view user emails from system notifications by using the filter under Conversations.
  • SDF-52282 : Request Closing Wizard
    • Guide technicians using Request Closing Wizard to fill out the missed mandatory fields while closing a request. This will come handy when a technician closes a request without filling out the mandatory field configured in closing rules (Admin >> Request Closing Rules) such as Resolution, category/sub-category etc. The technician will be shown a prompt from where the technician can fill out the missed out fields.
  • Admin >> Request Closing Rules. Click here to learn more.
  • SDF-47194 : Under Conversations, Reply and Forward icons are available at the top right corner of every user email or system notification.
  • SDF-59782 : Configure the sections to be displayed by default in the request print preview by using a direct query in the database. Users can, however, select and view any section inside the print preview page.
  • SDF-63476 : Inline images of Description in the request details page come with Download and Print options.
  • SDF-29350 : Make the attachment field mandatory for requests.

    Admin >> Incident Template >> Field and form rules

  • SDF-64135 : In service and incident templates, you can now define a field and form rule to hide, show, disable, and enable the Description field for all three events.
  • SDF-60073 : Perform Lucene search for requests by using requesters’ email addresses. This feature will take about a few hours to reflect in the upgraded build.

    Note : After the upgrade, search may not work until the data gets reindexed.

Behaviour Changes

  • SD-74198 : Hidden Unanswered Resources

    In the service request details page, pending (or unanswered) resources questions will not be displayed unless you edit the resource section.

    Requests can be closed only through the global edit/spot edit/ and inline edit options from now on. Close button will not be displayed.

  • SD-26094 : Header tab made visible in the request list view while scrolling down requests.
  • SD-69444 : It is now possible to update request status under Request details >> Resolution, based on the rule conditions set under ‘Field and Form Rules’.
  • SD-74928 : Zoho Reports’ name has been changed as Zoho Analytics
  • SD-70860 : Previously, using the close link (Sent via mail), requesters can close the ticket even if any closing rule is not satisfied. Now, closing rules are applied on the ticket and the ticket is closed only if all the mandatory fields and dependency requests are closed.
  • SD-70860 : Description update will not be supported in Business Rules script UPDATE operation anymore.

Issues Fixed

Vulnerability :

  • SD-73964 : XSS vulnerability in announcements page.
  • SD-73215 : Autocomplete for password fields across the product is disabled.
  • SD-22271 : Vulnerability occurs while sending solution approvals.
  • SD-22270 : Vulnerability occurs while forwarding solutions.
  • SD-22229 : Vulnerability occurs while adding solutions to problems.
  • SD-71717 : Possibility of vulnerable script injection while creating new dashboards.
  • SD-73363 : XSS vulnerability in the custom schedule’s name field.
  • SD-73854 : XSS vulnerability in request module.
  • SD-71725 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a technician being able to see assets across sites in reports page.
  • SD-72005 : Privilege escalation vulnerability of a user without any login credentials being able to view request attachments.

Home :

  • SD-48953 : While sending notification mail for announcements, the mandatory rule for the recipient field is not applied
  • SD-72409 : The width of To and CC fields under ‘Send this announcement as mail’ has become very small after upgrading to 9414.
  • SD-71771 : Announcement count shown in the home page is not accurate as the one shown in “Show all view”.

Dashboard :

  • SD-71004 : Inconsistencies in font sizes of some widgets under change dashboard.

Requests :

  • SD-21037 : Unable to add work logs from Request Edit page.
  • SD-69576 : Formatting changes done to request description is not saved. This is fixed.
  • SD-73875 : Field and Form Rules for $CS.removeOptions does not work for options that contain special characters.
  • SD-70927 : Contents of the ticket is cut down in print preview when the content of the resolution is lengthy.
  • SD-73259 : The maximum width of the request edit & view page layout is increased to accommodate seamless content display in widescreen monitors.
  • SD-73551 : Translation error occurs for Danish language setups in Request Time Elapsed Analysis tab.
  • SD-73833 : Associated assets of a request are not displayed in the request approval form.
  • SD-73847 : Unable to load a template if a subcategory in it is recently deleted/greyed out.
  • SD-73520 : An irrelevant alert message is shown while updating the Site field in a request using the global edit option.
  • SD-73423 : Exception occurs while approving a service request in the Stage 2 Approval. The issue occurs if “Allow Self Approval of Requests” option is disabled and the stage 1 approver happens to be a self-approver.
  • SD-73849 : Garbled characters are displayed while searching for request templates. The issue occurs if the template’s name has more than 90 characters.
  • SD-67719 : When pressing tab key from the requester field of a request, text cursor initially goes to the asset field, but then the requester details page refreshes automatically and the text cursor shifts to requester field again.
  • SD-69825 : Incident icon is not shown properly in the archived request’s print preview.
  • SD-70103 : Inconsistencies in UI when viewing the asset details from “User Assets” view of a request.
  • SD-70597 : Logical inconsistencies in Enable/Disable icons in service templates.
  • SD-70067 : Characters at the beginning of a description are not visible in requests created through outlook.
  • SD-73426 : When a linked request is linked to another request, the detachment record of the old linkage is not captured in the history.
  • SD-73181 : Unable to archive requests if the content length in E-mail Id(s) To Notify field is more than 250 characters. The issue occurs in MSSQL setups.
  • SD-72373 : When trying to create a request via helpdesk mail by copying and pasting an image alone in the body of the mail, the image is not displayed in the description of the request.
  • SD-73365 : Variables in the Notification rules’ global reply template gets added in the custom reply templates by default when replying to a request.

Changes :

  • SD-73660 : Translation error occurs for French language setups under Project/Change Management.
  • SD-71767 : Exception occurs while changing the status of a change.
  • SD-71157 : My Approvals tab is not visible for logged-in approvers. The issue occurs if the change type was removed from the change template with which the change sent for approval was created.
  • SD-68493 : Change list view filter is filled with empty values for technicians whose super change permissions are recently revoked.
  • SD-66867 : Change approver role is deletable.
  • SD-70558 : Attach / Detach buttons under request list section of a change are missing in the planning stage. Attach/Detach buttons are disabled for problem list section of a change in the planning stage.

Projects :

  • SD-73816 : Error occurs while importing MPP files in projects.

Assets :

  • SD-71794 : When we push data from a remote server to a central server, even if the scan status of the workstation is failed in the remote server, “SUCCESS” message is shown in the central server from the second time onwards.
  • SD-74251 : Some details such as Manufacturer, Domain Name, Last logged-in User are not fetched while scanning AIX machines.
  • SD-74039 : Error occurs while trying to view an Asset’s History tab.
  • SD-74022 : Unable to change the CI type of a scanned software (both managed and non-managed) to null after associating it to some value.
  • SD-71805 : Newly created software and software suites do not appear in the list view. The issue occurs if the compliance calculation is disabled in the database while creating.
  • SD-69814 : While calculating compliance of a child software, the parent software is not checked for compliance.
  • SD-73723 : Unable to add a software suite for software belonging to the same manufacturer under All Manufacturer filter in software list view.
  • SD-73831 : Unable to edit the site of a license which is associated with a software license agreement.

Purchase :

  • SD-70012 : Due to the missing screen scroll bar in ‘Add Invoice’ pop-up, users are unable to save invoices in laptops with 14-inch screens.


  • SD-72152 : The “Actions” and “New” drop-downs do not appear for certain CI types under the CMDB tab.
  • SD-73557 : CMDB API: Unable to fetch IP Addresses using API in MSSQL Setup.

Others :

  • SD-72650 : Unable to close tech to tech chat if a technician involved in that chat is recently converted as a requester.
  • SD-74355 : Unable to add more than 100 characters as UDF field values in template customization.
  • SD-73477 : The task reminder notification details are not available under Admin >> Notification Rules.
  • SD-70429 : Organized tasks are not shown properly in task list view.
  • SD-69269 : Error message is not shown properly while adding a duplicate project role name with a script tag.
  • SD-71631 : Unable to create PM tasks using service templates. The issue occurs in some builds (9404-9409) which have recently performed a backup and restore operation.
  • SD-73189 : Unable to copy a service template which has service cost enabled but has 0 value.
  • SD-73190 : Unable to edit the product cost and save a resource question in service template if the product name has a hyphen in it.
  • SD-70992 : Font issue in the self-service portal’s request summary view.
  • SD-70053 : Change additional fields are not removed from Change closure rules even if the Change additional fields are deleted.
  • SD-72320 : Application sends email notifications to users for completed reminders.
  • SD-71159 : Hyperlink provided in Service Catalog SSP is not working.
  • SD-72208 : An exception is thrown for technicians trying to edit their support groups.
  • SD-72300 : Holidays created for custom sites gets added under default settings.
  • SD-67053 : Keystore password is not encrypted.
  • SD-73116 : During backup, tables which contain Schar and PK columns throws an OOM error.
  • SD-74021 : Failure occurs while upgrading to the latest version of the application if we have included the requester details section at the end of any request template.
  • SD-72102 : During backup, .sql files with data storage exceeding 1GB will be split into multiple .sql files. The new files will be named in the tablename_fileindex format.
  • SD-69233 : Following files have been added to the trimmed backup:
    1. conf\Server.xml
    2. bin\run.bat (run.sh)
    3. bin\startDB.bat (startDB.sh)
    4. conf\wrapper.conf
    5. \fos\fosInputs.conf
    6. conf\web.xml
    7. conf\logging.properties
    8. conf\TrayIconInfo.xml
    9. conf\sdp.keystore
  • SD-69358 : During the upgrade, compressableMimeType will include application/json as well.
  • SD-74145 : Maximum limit for response_comment field in non-login survey form is increased to 500 characters.

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