Feature Enhancements

  • User Sessions
    This enhancement allows administrators and auditors to view the list of user sessions for a specified time period. A user session includes all actions performed by a user, between a specific login and logout. The view also indicates currently active sessions with the option for administrators to forcefully terminate. This feature is an addition under the Audit tab and helps administrators with fine grained monitoring and control of user activity.
  • Key Manager Plus Integration – Now available for all editions
    From v9500 onward, all Password Manager Pro editions (Standard, Premium, and Enterprise) support Key Manager Plus integration to help enterprises take complete control of their SSH and SSL environments in addition to passwords.
  • Replication of Password Policies Across Client Organizations (MSP Edition)
    This latest enhancement to the replication feature allows MSP administrators to quickly replicate MSP organization’s custom password policies across the client organizations.

Bug & Security Fixes

    • From v8700 till v9402, during Windows resource import from Active Directory (AD) via discovery function, password administrators were unable to view and set up AD Synchronization in the Windows Discovery Tasks page, although they had the permission. This has been fixed.
    • From v9000 till v9402, while moving accounts between resources, the search box provided within the destination drop down menu did not work. This has been fixed.
    • Earlier, during user import from an LDAP domain, the user groups in the domain were also wrongly identified as individual user objects and listed under Password Manager Pro’s ‘Users’ tab. This has been fixed.
    • Earlier, with regard to LDAP authentication, users who were moved from one OU to another in their Active Directory (AD) domain could later not log into Password Manager Pro using their AD credentials. This has been fixed.

  • The VBScript scripts used for the following functions in Password Manager Pro (PMP) have been made obsolete and replaced by equivalent .NET API calls made from within the PMP application. This is to ensure the passwords never leave the PMP application space, even to Windows Task Manager or Process Explorer.
    1. Local and service accounts enumeration during Windows discovery.
    2. Fetching of service accounts and scheduled tasks for Windows and Windows Domain resources.
    3. Password change and verification as well as associated service restarts for Windows resources.
    4. Service accounts and scheduled tasks password resets for Windows Domain resources.

Build Release

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