New Feature

  • File Transfers Over Remote Desktop Sessions
    Henceforth, in real-time Windows RDP sessions launched via Password Manager Pro’s session gateway, users can securely transfer files from local machine to remote target machine, and vice versa.

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

    • Password Manager Pro now uses captcha services during application login to enhance security. The users will be required to resolve a captcha when they enter an invalid username/password for five continuous login attempts.
    • Earlier, out of the remote sessions (RDP, SSH, and SQL) launched via Password Manager Pro’s session gateway, one or more of the sessions at random still continued to show under the ‘Active Privileged Sessions’ tab even when those sessions had already been terminated by respective users. This has been fixed.
    • Earlier, the results for ‘Find Out of Sync Passwords’ action executed for a resource group showed that all passwords were in sync even when passwords for one or all of the Windows resources in that group were not in sync. The wrong results were captured in the audit records as well. This has been fixed.
    • Earlier, when a user clicked on the ‘Forgot Password?’ link in the Password Manager Pro (PMP) login screen to set a new password via email, the email could not be validated if the recipient’s email address contained an apostrophe. This has been fixed.
    • From v8600 till v9200, in Azure AD user/user groups import, only a maximum of 100 users/user groups could be imported. This has been fixed to allow users/user groups import without any count limitation.
    • From v8700 till v9200, users faced blank page issues when the custom role assigned to them did not allow specific actions in that page. For instance, under dashboard provisions, if a user is allowed to access only the user dashboard and not the password dashboard, clicking on the ‘Dashboard’ button in the left navigation pane displayed a blank white screen upon loading. This has been fixed.
    • From v9000 till v9200, under ‘Resources’ tab, the users faced specific search and page navigation issues after they had accessed a resource group displayed in the ‘Password Explorer’ tree view. The following bugs have been fixed:
      • In case of search, when a user used the in-line search option available for ‘All My Passwords’ (or any other tab under ‘Resources’), then navigated to a resource group via the tree view and returned back to ‘All My Passwords’ page, the typed-in search term and the respective results were still retained and displayed.
      • When a user navigated between pages under tabs such as ‘Passwords’ or ‘Favorites’, then clicked on a resource group via the tree view and returned back to the tab accessed earlier, the page number (2 or above) that had been selected previously was launched instead of the first page.
    • From v9000 till v9200, the global search option in the top pane did not work properly when the search term contained the ampersand sign ( ‘&’ ). For instance, if the search term was ‘AT&T’, search results were returned only for ‘AT’, i.e. only for the characters before the sign. This has been fixed.
    • From v9000 till v9200, when the account name of a resource contained more than 140 characters, the corresponding Account Actions and Resource Actions icons did not work for that account. This has been fixed.
    • From v9000 till v9200, when the URL length of a resource was more than 700 characters, the corresponding Resource Actions icon did not work. This has been fixed. 

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