New feature

IIS Web.config discovery

Password Manager Pro can now identify the domain accounts which are used in the connection string of IIS web.config files that are stored in PMP. While changing the password of the domain accounts stored in Password Manager Pro, it can automatically update the password in the IIS web.config files.

Enhancements and fixes

    1. Password Access Control Workflow has been upgraded. With this update:
      • One or more user groups can be designated to approve password access requests.
      • Earlier, some users can be excluded from access control. Now, you have an option to exclude both users and user groups from access control.
      • Users can specify when they want to access the password – now or later, while making a request and can also send a reminder mail before the access time.
      • Similarly, administrator can specify when the user can access the password – now or later, while processing the request.
      • In addition, users can be enforced to provide reason for password retrieval.
      • Reminder e-mail can be sent to the administrator to approve the password request before the stipulated time.
      • A grace time of upto 60 minutes can be provided to the user when the access time ends.
      • Auto check-in time can be specified when the request is approved by the administrator.
      • Maximum time period can be specified after which the pending access request becomes void.
    2. Password Manager Pro now integrates with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus by validating change request in addition to the ticket ID entered by the user in the ticketing system. And validated occurs only when the change ID provided is approved in ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus.
    3. Password Manager Pro enables recording of RDP remote session launched from the product and you can trace the recorded RDP remote session through the resource name, user who launched the session, time at which the session was launched. In addition, start and stop audit for RDP remote session has been enhanced now.
    4. In v9000 and above, the mail notification sent to the users about the access permission shared or revoked contained blank values. This has been fixed now.
    5. In v9000 and above, ‘resource actions’ icon was not listed for user with custom role ‘edit resource’. This has been fixed now.
    6. From v9200 and above, a resource can also be searched in the search column by providing the resource URL. Earlier, a resource can be searched only by providing the resource name, description or resource type.
    7. In v9000 and above, configure access control deactivation for resources in bulk was not working. This has been fixed now.
    8. In v9100 and above, when enabling two factor authentication – Duo security, the screen hangs at ‘Initializing web client’. This has been fixed now.
    9. In v8704 and above, Secondary DNS field in WindowsDomain resource type was removed. This has been fixed now.
    10. Earlier, already existing resource type can be added again with change in alphabet case (lower case or upper case). This has been fixed now.
    11. Earlier, addon failed to auto-fill passwords to the websites in client org. This has been fixed now.

  1. Earlier, Access Snapshot was not working upon clicking ‘View per page’ to 50 / 75 / 100 resources. This has been fixed now.
  2. Earlier, Windows discovery fails when the username / password contained angular brackets and the harmful content audit has the actual password in clear text. This has been fixed now.

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