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  • Firewall: New Log Format Supported – Barracuda Email Security Gateway
  • Firewall: Policy/Rule analysis, compliance report support and fetching configuration using firewall vendor API
    • Check Point devices
  • Firewall: Policy/Rule analysis, compliance report support and fetching configuration using CLI
    • Vyatta firewalls
    • Huawei firewalls
  • Firewall: Added ‘Tray’ Icon for Windows installation to start, stop, and get status of Firewall Analyzer.
  • Firewall: Changed ‘Support’ tab look and feel.
  • Firewall: New reports ‘Active VPN Users’ and ‘VPN User Session Details’ added under VPN reports.
  • Firewall: Quick links and Help cards provided for Discovery and Search reports.
  • Firewall: Selected ‘Time Period’ retained in all drill down snapshot reports, after zooming the time in live traffic widget.
  • Firewall: Enterprise Edition data exchange between Admin and Collector servers made secure for each requests and response.
  • Firewall: Firewall Analyzer startup time optimized; Made the internal modules to start in parallel.
  • Firewall: ‘Raw Settings’ page moved to ‘Search’ tab from ‘Settings’ page to avoid shuffling between tabs.
  • Firewall: (Support ID: 4795348) Change Management report for SonicWALL displays user names, who do not have access to firewall configuration. Fixed the issue.
  • Firewall: Cisco-Meraki log parsing issue fixed.
  • Firewall: Log parsing of Sophos and Cyberoam devices tuned to handle more log rate.
  • Firewall: Occasionally, ‘Raw Tables’ are not split properly, when log rate is high. Fixed the issue.
  • Firewall: In ‘Rules Report’ page, if the number of rows is less than 10, the CSV, Excel export option is missing. Fixed the issue.
  • Firewall: SNMP settings page is not closed automatically on successful configuration from ‘Inventory’ snapshot and list page.
  • Firewall: Fixed the issue of removing unnecessary API calls when criteria based ‘Search’ reports is loaded.
  • Firewall: Fixed the issue of table border misalignment for all the report table grids.
  • Firewall: Fixed the issue of headers for PaloAlto and NetScreen devices in ‘Policy Overview’ report by changing the ‘Source Interface’ & ‘Destination Interface’ headers to ‘Source Zone’ & ‘Destination Zone’.
  • Firewall: When ‘Only on Week Days’ option is selected in ‘Daily-Schedule’, it was not working. This issue is fixed.
  • Firewall: ‘Policy Overview’ tab name changed.
  • Firewall: ‘Unused Rule’ header name changed.
  • Firewall: In ‘Remote Host’ option of ‘Import Logs’ page, the selected file is not getting marked. This issue is fixed.
  • Firewall: Fixed the issue of device name display in ‘Live Traffic’ widget even after the device is unselected.
  • Firewall: Fixed the issue of unrestricted ‘Save’ in ‘Live Traffic’ widget, if no device is selected.
  • Firewall: Fixed the issue of ‘Icon’ only option for horizontal menu change is not working in Central-Server.
  • Firewall: Fixed the issue of empty ‘Standards’ page, when the status of all firewall devices is ‘UnManaged’.
  • Firewall: When ‘Intranet Settings’ is saved without any criteria, instead of alert message, it is getting saved. Fixed the issue to show alert message.
  • Firewall: In the ‘Inventory – Device’ detail widget, page redirection happens only when text is clicked. Fixed the issue for page redirection when clicked anywhere in the device row.
  • Firewall: Fixed the issue of missing ‘On Demand’ column header in ‘Device Rule’ settings page.
  • Firewall: Fixed the issue of missing tool tips for few icons.
  • Firewall: For Windows firewall, UDP port unblock rules added for Syslogs packets.
  • Firewall: For Windows firewall, TCP port unblock rules added for Telnet and SSH.
  • NCM: Configlet execution results of multiple devices can now be exported as PDF in bulk.

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