• Firewall: F5 Firewall device support added.
  • Firewall: Horizontal menu bar made as default.
  • Firewall: ‘Add-Device’ menu added to export Syslogs from firewalls.
  • Firewall: SSH or Telnet based ‘CLI terminal’ to access firewalls from Firewall Analyzer.
  • Firewall: ‘Getting Started GUI’ to guide the user to add devices and reports.
  • Firewall: ‘Quick links’ and ‘Help cards’ for settings and report pages.
  • Firewall: For trial and registered users, ‘Live Chat’ facility to contact sales-engineering team.
  • Firewall: Introduced ‘Password Policy’ configuration for user management.
  • Firewall: Login page customization for rebranding custom images.
  • Firewall: In all report pages, optimized alignment of widgets.
  • Firewall: Firewall Analyzer users can set their default menu bar (horizontal or vertical) using ‘Menu Bar’ menu.
  • Firewall: Fixed the issue of failure to fetch the device rule for Fortigate Vdom, because ‘Pager’ command was not working.
  • Firewall: Fixed the issue of failure to display of rule management reports for Vdom firewalls.
  • Firewall: ‘Select Policy’ menu not working properly in Firefox browser. Fixed the issue.
  • Firewall: Fixed the drill down issue in ‘Dashboard – Security – Top N Attacks by Hits’.
  • Firewall: Single device and all devices selection not working in ‘Short summary’ page of ‘Inventory’ device lists. Fixed the issue.
  • Firewall: If the widget subtitle contains ‘drill down link’ – we need to provide the drill down/redirect to inventory action, when we click the link alone
  • Firewall: In the ‘Inventory – Short summary’ page, ‘Create Report/Alert Profile’ tabs missing, navigating after add or edit from the ‘Intranet, Exclude Host, Availability Alert’ pages. Fixed the issue.
  • Firewall: Minor UI enhancements in ‘Inventory’ page.
  • Firewall: In the Firewall Analyzer – Distributed Edition – Admin Server, when a firewall was deleted, there was no processing message shown. Fixed the issue to show firewall delete processing message.
  • Firewall: ‘Delete widget’ was not working in the ‘Reports – Standard Report’ page. Fixed the issue.
  • Firewall: In the ‘Inventory – Devices – Protocols’ page, ‘Protocol identifier’ options were missing. Fixed the issue.
  • Firewall: In the ‘Active VPN Trend Report’ page, Y-axis values were not displayed properly & was throwing NullPointerException while drill-down. Fixed these issues.
  • Firewall: In the ‘Device Rule, Exclude Criteria, Protocol Groups, Device Groups, Intranet Settings, Cloud-Repository, Exclude Hosts, SNMP settings, Alarm Profiles and User-IP Mapping (DHCP, AD/Proxy, Manual Mapping)’ pages, to edit an entry you have to click on it. Now a proper ‘Edit’ icon is provided for each entry.
Build Release

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