• Firewall: Added SSH protocol to fetch WatchGuard firewall configuration. 
  • Firewall: Local File Inclusion vulnerability is fixed.
  • Firewall: SNMP based Live Report of PaloAlto devices was not working properly. This issue is fixed.
  • Firewall: In Anomaly alert criteria page, a help message ‘CIDR and CSV formats are allowed’ has been added to Source and Destination fields..
  • Firewall: When Report Profiles are created, removed unnecessary API call to improve UI performance.
  • Firewall: In Cloud Services page of Inventory, ‘Add repository’ option is provided.
  • Firewall: Device drill down from Policy Optimization page of Dashboard was not working. The issues is fixed and redirected to Optimization page.
  • Firewall: In Firewall Live Traffic widget of Inventory page, when ‘Gbps’ is selected as unit, the values shown were not accurate. The issue is fixed to plot the graph with granular values.
  • Firewall: Alarm Profile notification option ‘Run As Script’ didn’t accept arguments. The issue is fixed.
  • Firewall: In Import Log page, Local Schedule option was not shown even when the client can be accessed from localhost. This issue is fixed now.
  • Firewall: In Fortigate syslog, VPN close log has duplicate entry which led to incorrect data. Handled it to fix the issue.
  • Firewall: Traffic Trend Report graph was not plotted in order. This issue is fixed.
  • Firewall: Syslog port details were not shown properly in Device Details Page of Settings tab. The issue is fixed
  • Firewall: When a PaloAlto Rule Name contains ‘index’ value, wrong unused rule list is displayed. The issue is fixed.
  • Firewall: Checkpoint VPN log parsing issue is fixed.
  • Firewall: In MSSQL setup, Yearly tables were not dropped properly. The issue is fixed
  • Firewall: When extra device license was applied in the product, the manage and unmanage actions couldn’t be performed till user restarts the product. This issue is fixed.
  • Firewall: Header of SMS notification in Alert Profile page changed from ‘Send Email based SMS’ to ‘Send SMS’ to avoid misunderstanding.
  • Firewall: In the Report Profile Notification page, a message “Use comma ‘,’ separator for multiple mail ids” has been added for clear understanding.
  • Firewall: Edit and Save Report Profile action returned wrong status message. The issue is fixed to show proper status message.
  • Firewall: While saving Compliance Report Schedule, there was no status message. This issue is fixed to show the status message.
  • NCM: EOL/EOS data is now updated from local database.
  • NCM: Now you can discover devices in single step.
  • NCM: XML External Entity vulnerability security patch is released.
  • NCM: SNMP profile is now unified and can be accessed in single place.
  • NCM: Now you can request for latest EOL/EOS data with NCM support from product.
  • NCM: Now you can update SysOID for multiple devices in single shot.


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