• OpManager : The SQL injection vulnerability in “FailOverHelperServlet” for the operation ‘standbyprobestatus’ has been fixed (CVE-2018-9087, CVE-2018-9089).
  • OpManager : The SQL injection vulnerability in “FailOverHelperServlet” for the operation ‘getprobenetworkshare’ has been fixed (CVE-2018-9088).
  • OpManager : 4692934 – The “Integration User” option under ‘User Management’ has been removed.
  • OpManager: The Interface discovery timeout which was by default set to 5 seconds, will now fetch the timeout value from the SNMP credential.
  • OpManager: Users can now configure the number of parallel threads for Trap discovery in “threads.conf”
  • OpManager: Discovery delay has been introduced for Trap based discovery and the default interval has been set to 20 seconds. The user can configure this delay and set a custom interval in “discovery.properties”.
  • OpManager: Discovery debug prints have now been introduced for the purpose of troubleshooting.
  • OpManager: Previously, the SNMPV3 EngineID request was queried only once with a timeout of 5 seconds. Now, the timeout and retries count will be fetched from the credential.
  • OpManager: Previously, devices running the latest build of Windows 10 was being discovered and classified as Windows 8. This issue has been fixed.
  • OpManager: Audit logs will now be recorded whenever a user
    • modifies the name of the Business view
    • modifies the name of the Floor view
    • modifies the name of the Rack view
  • OpManager: Process names printed in the “Discovery logs” have been modified as “Debug prints” and names with “.exe” have been removed.
  • OpManager: Previously, the Palo Alto device templates were set with the wrong vendor ‘APC’. This has now been updated as ‘Palo Alto Networks’.
  • OpManager: Previously, the Interface name and Alias had garbled characters during discovery, when the OS and OpManager had French as the primary language. This issue has now been fixed.
  • OpManager: Additional SysObjectIDs have been added for the below device template types,
    • Cisco catalyst296024LT
    • Cisco 891
    • Cisco MDS 9148


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