Features and Enhancements in OpManager

  • 39,070 Vendor Templates have been added – To avoid devices getting added as “‘Unknown”, vendor templates have been added. Vendor template also includes monitors such as system up time, the number of Network Interfaces, and IP routing discards.
  • Windows 2016 device is now supported.
  • Microsoft Exchange 2016 is now supported.
  • Microsoft Hyper-V 2016 is now supported.
  • Tomcat version has been upgraded to 8.5.13.
  • HTTP v1.1 has been changed to HTTP v2 for SSL encrypted servlets.
  • When adding credentials, OpManager now asks to retype the password to avoid adding wrong credentials by mistake.
  • Web client’s loading speed has been improved.
  • Google Maps page has been revamped to group devices available in the same coordinates.
  • Snapshot pages are now available for VMware datastores. 
  • Option to discover VMs through vCenter or ESX has been added.
  • Option to carry out administrative tasks on VMware Host/VM from respective snapshot pages has been added.
  • Test credentials of devices in bulk and also schedule it.
  • Performance graphs have been added for file and folder monitors.
  • Associate multiple performance monitors to various devices.
  • Add a new device via a trap. [Settings-> System Settings-> Discovery]
  • VPN Tunnels widgets have been added for ASA firewalls. 
  • Export PDF option has been introduced for Availability reports and Interface Bandwidth utilization. 


Issues fixed in OpManager:
  • The issue in updating the modified threshold values in the devices when reapplying the template has been fixed.
  • Data collected during one instance is duplicated to other instances for WMI Free/Used disk space and partition monitors. This issues has been fixed.
  • Trap alarm message displays OID instead of varbind key even after loading the MIB file has been fixed. 
  • Rules in Rule Engine getting applied by mistake even though the rule is not satisfied has been fixed.
  • The issue with credential password containing special characters has been fixed.
  • Issue with adding Process Monitors using bulk select options is fixed.
  • For non-English language installations, File/Folder monitor’s Age/Size had few issues with the threshold and rearm with hour/day option. This has been fixed.
  • Issue with monitoring MSSQL if the instance name has speical characers( _, $, #) characters, has been fixed.
  • Issue  with View/Update Rack with the different locale for Non-English OS is fixed.
  • Issue with the VM Sprawl data not being visible for VMware is fixed and has been included for HyperV VMs as well.
  • Issue with not being able to identify Domain Controller with WMI is fixed.
  • Issue with Script Monitors not working with other OS apart from Linux is fixed.
  • Authorization issues have been fixed . 
  • Includes Rack/Floor Status updates.
  • CLI Discovery (Telnet) issue fixed.
  • Issues Fixed: Interface – When Interface speed exceeds bandwidth, an alarm would be raised.
  • Virtual Server inventory reports have been introduced.
  • Xen Pool Snapshot to view all the Entities List of a Pool in a single snapshot. 


Features and Enhancements in NetFlow

  • DPI-based bandwidth monitoring to measure NRT vs ART
  • Cisco Meraki is now supported.
  • sFlow support for Huawei is now added.
  • Tab View for NetFlow is provided.
  • Drill down from Dashboard option is included.
  • Multi select options for Inventory list view for configuration and reports are added.
  • Search in inventory, reports, and settings have been enhanced.
  • Option to assign an NCM device for Operator role in both standalone version and collector is now added.
  • Option to store raw data for 1 year in Highperf add-in is now provided.
  • The subject of email and SMS alerts can now be customized.
  • Tools in settings White List for Attacks Module is included.
  • PDF/CSV enhancement in inventory snapshot.
  • Windows authentication for MSSQL.
  • Pagination for Autonomous View.
  • Basic Audit reporting NetFlow.
  • Customizable Email/SMS subject handled in Alerts.
  • Resolve DNS option available from the Dashboard.
  • Option to add device from NFA to NCM from inventory list.
  • Bulk SNMP assignment is provided.
  • Unique name association across OPM and NetFlow.
  • Report Linking from Inventory.
  • Auto selection of SNMP in netflow if the same device is already available in OPM with SNMP credential.
  • SFlow support with dual sampling pool for IN and OUT separately.( SFlow negative value )
  • QoS drill down from List view
  • Clear DNS cache option.
  • Option to select the graph type for traffic widget has been included.


Issues fixed in NetFlow module
  • SNMP V3/V2 failure issue fixed Alert Mail fails when there is no authentication provided.
  • Display Autonomous View issue is fixed.
  • Capacity planning issue – Granularity, 97th percentile, on demand bill generation, units, PDF NFA DE – The issue with utilization showing 0 in interface list, is fixed.
  • Multiple E-Mail per threshold issue is fixed.
  • SFlow parsing handle for PPPOE flows IPGroup with port range data dump handled.
  • The issue in updating the modified threshold values in the devices when reapplying the template has been fixed.


Features and Enhancements in NCM module

  • Ability to import new Device Templates using XML file.
  • Ability to Edit / Delete Device Templates. Real-time notification of Approval requests.
  • Real-time GUI update/auto refresh.
  • Export options for Custom Template execution result and Custom Reports introduced.
  • User specific Retainable filters and column choosers: Option to show/hide columns in list views.
  • Schedule option is added for Configuration upload action.
  • Ability to create device group by combining more than one device groups and also dynamically create groups based on predefined rules.
  • Possible to add / associate / delete flow export configlets in a Template.
  • Also, it is possible to add new Device Identifiers (Device SysObjectId) in a Template manually.


Issues fixed in NCM module
  • Sysobject Finder SNMPv3 option provided.
  • Issues with creating a user with more than 200 devices associated and not able to create a device group when more than 200 devices selected are fixed.
  • The issue with viewing configuration change diff with HTML content is fixed.


Features and Enhancements in Firewall module

  • Following devices are supported now:
    • TrendMicro IWSVA 6.5
    • PaloAlto VPN logs
    • Fortigate Management logs
    • SRX Management logs
    • SonicWall_IPSec VPN logs
  • ‘Insider Threat’ reports – ‘End User Monitoring’ Add-On.
  • Drill-down for all dashboard reports.
  • Exclude IP/IP-range/network from reporting feature.
  • URL and VPN reports are provided for Inventory report user-drill down.
  • Live report for Proxy servers.
  • Live report drill-down for device and interfaces from Inventory.
  • Interface Live Traffic widgets in Custom-Dashboard.
  • End-User widgets in Custom-Dashboard.
  • Anomaly-Alerts based on Country.
  • User specific reports for Proxy servers.
  • Option to export report as CSV on-demand.
  • Option to use Management IP address to fetch device configuration.
  • Option to configure ‘Row Count’ for on-demand PDF/CSV report export.
  • More reports for Rules in Device-snapshot.


Issues fixed in Firewall module
  • SRX policy parsing issue fixed for Compliance & Policy Overview report.
  • Live Report out-traffic spike based on SNMP fixed.
  • Fortigate 5.2.4 Device rule SSH connection issue fixed.
  • VPN Usage Trend report issue fixed.
  • PDF issue in non-English client side language issue fixed.
  • Export to PDF issue fixed for Rule-Reorder recommendation report.
  • SNMP V3 configuration issue without community fixed.
  • The drill-down issue for Usernames which contains slash in it.


Features and Enhancements in IPAM/SPM module

  • Microsoft DHCP Server has been supported. Scheduler scan.
  • Custom columns have been added in IPAM & SPM.
  • Edit IP details have been added.
  • OS Type summary widget has been added in IPAM dashboard.
  • NIC Type table has been updated to identify the device vendor.
  • Include, Exclude ports pages has been added.


Issues fixed in IPAM/SPM module

  • Issue with add switch has been fixed.
  • Issue with modify switch has been fixed.
  • Issue with IPAM Publish, Scheduler is fixed.
  • Issue with viewing configuration change diff with HTML content is fixed.
  • Issue with sorting in inventory and search issue is fixed.
  • Issue in Tools, TCP reset has been fixed.
  • Multiple UI issues have been addressed.


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