22 new reports on Exchange Online, and Azure AD have been released. The reports are:

  • Mailboxes with External Mail Forwarding:  Gives the list of mailboxes with email forwarding configured to external domains.
  • Mailboxes with Internal Mail Forwarding: Lists the mailboxes for which email forwarding is configured to internal domains.
  • Mailboxes without Mail Forwarding: Provides information on the mailboxes for which email forwarding has been disabled.
  • Guest Users: Lists down the external users in your Office 365 setup.
  • Guest Group Members: Gives information on the guest users who are members of various groups.
  • Users with Send As Permission: Lists the users with Send As permission.
  • Users with Send On Behalf Permission: Lists the users with Send On Behalf permission.
  • Groups with Send As Permission: Provides information on the groups that have been given Send As permission.
  • Groups with Send On Behalf Permission: Provides information on the groups that have been given Send On Behalf permission.
  • Mailboxes without Delegates: Provides the list of mailboxes without any delegated users.
  • Mailboxes without Inbox Rule: Lists the mailboxes without inbox rules configured.
  • Sweep Rules: Lists the mailboxes with sweep rules configured along with their details.
  • Mailboxes without Sweep Rules: Lists the mailboxes without any sweep rules configured.
  • Transport Rule List: Gives information on the transport rules, and the details on changes made to them.
  • Quarantined Messages: Provides the details of quarantined messages in your Exchange Online environment.
  • Azure Unlocked Users: Gives the list of recently unlocked users.
  • MFA Enabled Users: Provides the list of MFA-enabled user accounts.
  • MFA Disabled Users: Provides the list of MFA-disabled user accounts.
  • Groups without License: Lists the groups without any license assigned to them.
  • Mailbox Message Configuration by User: Provides details on message settings for each mailbox in your organization.
  • Auto-empty Deleted Items Folder: Lists the mailboxes that have the auto-empty deleted items folder on signing out option enabled.
  • Trusted/Blocked Senders and Recipients: Provides details on the senders/recipients trusted and blocked by each mailbox.

Bug fix

  • The missing data issue faced while using monitoring feature with MFA-enabled accounts has been fixed.
Build Release

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