Release notes for build 4109 (8 Sep 2017)

Highlights: 12 new management tasks and 20 new reports

New Management Tasks:

Bulk Group Creation

  • Create Office 365 Groups – Create Office 365 groups in bulk.
  • Create Distribution Groups – Create distribution groups in bulk.
  • Create Mail-Enabled Security Groups – Create mail-enabled security groups in bulk.

Bulk Contact Creation

  • Create Bulk Contacts – Create contact objects in bulk.

Bulk User Management

  • Modify Naming Attributes – Modify the naming attributes of users.
  • Modify Contact Attributes  – Modify the contact attributes of users.

Bulk Contact Modification

  • Hide / Unhide Contacts – Hide or unhide contacts from GAL in bulk.
  • Modify Contact Custom Attributes – Modify the custom attributes of contacts.

Bulk Group Modification

  • Hide / Unhide Groups – Hide or unhide groups from GAL in bulk.
  • Modify Group Custom Attributes – Modify the custom attributes of groups.
  • Delete Groups – Delete existing Office 365, distribution, and mail-enabled security groups.

Mailbox Management

  • Modify Custom Mail Attributes – Edit the custom mail attributes in bulk.

New Reports:

License Reports

  • Licensed Users by Service Status – View all available licensed users based on services used.
  • Licensed Groups – View all available groups with Office 365 license.
  • Licensed Group Members – This report shows users, who are all licensed because of being  a member of a licensed group.

Mailbox Account Status Reports

  • Send As Permission – View the list of users, mailboxes, contacts, and other objects with send-as permission.
  • Send on Behalf Permission – View the list of users, mailboxes, contacts, and other objects  with send on-behalf permission

Applications Reports

  • Azure AD Applications – View all available Azure AD applications.
  • Enterprise Applications – View all available Azure AD enterprise applications.
  • Web Applications – View all available Azure AD web applications.
  • Native Applications – View all available Azure AD native applications.
  • Deleted Applications – View all deleted Azure AD applications.
  • Objects by Enterprise Apps – View all available objects created by enterprise applications.

AAD Devices Reprots

  • Azure AD Registered Devices – View all available devices registered to Azure Active Directory
  • Registered Device Vs Owners – View all owners of devices registered to Azure Active Directory.
  • Registered Device Vs Users – View all users of devices registered to Azure Active Directory.

Contacts Reports

  • All Mail Contacts – View the list of all mail contacts.
  • Contacts with Owners – View the list of contact objects with owners.

Group Type Reports

  • Office 365 Groups – View the list of Office 365 groups.

User General Reports

  • User Created Objects – Gives details on groups and service principles created by users.
  • Users with Validation Error – Shows details of users with a validation error.
  • Users with DirSync Provisioning Error – Shows details of users with DirSync provisioning error.


  • Added new custom attribute columns and extension attribute columns in Mail Enabled Security Groups and Distribution Groups reports.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue faced while generating Room Mailbox Events report, missing columns issue in OWA Logon by Browser and OS report, and issues in Mailbox Forward-to management task have been fixed.

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