New features

  • Failover service (FOS) with common MS SQL clusters: Key Manager Plus now provides administrator users the option to map redundant Key Manager Plus server instances to a common MS SQL cluster. Therefore, if one Key Manager Plus instance fails, the other instance(s) that are configured to the same database take over ensuring uninterrupted access to the application.
  • Let’s Encrypt wildcard certificate management support: Users can now request, acquire and manage wildcard certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt certificate authority from Key Manager Plus.
  • Administrators can now create scheduled tasks for discovering and importing certificates from Microsoft Certificate Store and certificates issued by Microsoft Certificate Authority.
  • Users can now import certificate signing requests (CSRs) generated outside Key Manager Plus, forward to trusted certificate authorities and track their statuses from Key Manager Plus.


  • Key Manager Plus now offers a more simplified workflow to establish connection with SSH resources that utilize password-less, key based authentication.
  • During resource deletion, users are now provided with the option to either dissociate or retain the SSH keys associated to the resource using Key Manager Plus. This option was not available in the earlier versions and the associated key was automatically dissociated.
  • Users now have the option to import certificate signing requests (CSRs) generated outside Key Manager Plus when placing GoDaddy certificate orders.
  • Key Manager Plus now provides users an additional option to export only the private key during CSR export.

Bug Fixes

  • Harmful content fix on non-English, Windows operating system: Previously, Key Manager Plus installed on non-English Windows operating system had traces of harmful content in schedule creation and audit records. This has now been fixed.
  • Previously, during SSH resource deletion, the SSH keys manually imported into Key Manager Plus and associated to specific user accounts from the application were supposed to be dissociated after the resource had been deleted. However, the keys remained associated to the user accounts even after resource deletion. This has been fixed and also, users can now choose to either dissociate or retain the associated keys (Refer enhancement 2).
  • Previously, when enumerating user accounts for resources that utilized password-less, key based connection establishment, the SSH keys in the user accounts were not discovered. This has now been fixed.
  • Previously, SSH key import was unsuccessful if the key passphrase contained special characters like ‘~’, ‘?’, ‘<‘ and ‘>’. This has now been fixed.
Build Release

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