New device supported:

  • MikroTik

New features:

  • Simulate firewall logs – You can simulate firewall logs for different vendors to check all the reports in Firewall Analyzer. Log simulation is available for Fortigate, PaloAlto, CheckPoint, Juniper SRX and Squid Proxy devices.


  • Added more than 3000 websites to the Cloud Repository.
  • Option to plot Dashboard Live traffic graph in ‘Kbps/Mbps/Gbps’ is available.
  • Support ID: 4598454 – Updated IP to Country database.
  • Support ID: 4573349 – When you import syslog, you can map the logs to the existing device.
  • Support ID: 4590527 – Export to CSV format option is available for expanded view of all ‘Inventory’ page widgets.
  • ‘Admin Report’ for PaloAlto available. It covers details of user login, log out, and commands executed.
  • Auto refresh option provide to ‘Live Syslog Viewer’ page.
  • Mail content format enhanced for scheduled ‘Standards’ report.
  • Additional tabs Bandwidth, Sites, Apps, and VPN are added in ‘Device’ inventory snapshot page for better access.
  • License count, number of managed devices and remaining devices count now available under ‘ License Management’ page.
  • Now ‘bps’ value is formatted to readable format in Bandwidth Alert mail content.

Issues fixed:

  • Support ID: 4588018 – While creating Alarm profile, configuring more than 50 criteria makes the page unresponsive. This issue is now fixed.
  • Refresh option in ‘Dashboard Live Traffic’ widget was not working. Now the issue is resolved.
  • AD User-IP Mapping had two entry for an user with Old and New IP. The duplication issue is rectified now.
  • Support ID: 4579510 – Incorrect Rule Name was shown for Zyxel firewall. This issue is now fixed.
  • Support ID: 4480507 – Invalid Byte Sequence Error while loading FirewallRecords table is fixed.
  • While parsing Sonicwall configuration, network objects with IP-range and IPv6 objects were not handled properly. It is fixed now.
  • Finding ‘Unused Objects’ from configuration file had discrepancy. Now it is rectified.
  • In Japanese Installation, when logs are imported, reports were generated for current time instead of log time. This issue is resolved.
  • ‘Edit Interface’ & ‘Edit Interface Names’ were not working, when edited for the second time. This issue is now fixed.
  • Occasionally, the ‘Inventory’ page became empty when ‘Back’ icon was clicked. This issue is now resolved.
  • Even after changing display name of Firewall, ‘ Resource Name’ was displayed when user was added from User Management page. Now the issue is fixed to show the device list with display name while assigning device.
  • When Credential Profile was edited, the ‘Email’ field became empty. Now the issue is fixed to show the given Email Id in that field.


Build Release

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