New device/log format support

  • Support Id: 4385377 – i-Filter Version10 device logs support


  • System settings (General and logging) page added for Firewall Analyzer module to enhance the customization
  • Drill-down, from graph, for all reports along with table values
  • Labels for the reports graph for X and Y axis are shown
  • Custom time period has been shown properly in Inventory, Reports, Standards and End-Users reports based on earlier time selection
  • Inventory snapshot start-time and end-time shown for all time periods under clock icon
  • Filter option provided for source in live Syslog viewer

Issues fixed

  • Issue Id: 122137 – Missed internationalization keys in Compliance Standard Reports fixed.
  • Issue Id: 123950 – non-internationalised Total & other key are internationalised in Firewall reports.
  • Issue Id: 125439 – Disabling VDOM in User Config option deletes all device rules configured.
  • Issue Id: 125440 – Newly supported ‘Device Rule Vendor’ list added in Credential Profile page.
  • Issue Id: 121670 – Log Level debug settings for logger-name not handled.
  • Issue Id: 125070 – Graph Unit is not internationalized in snapshot widget header.
  • Issue Id: 123955 – ‘No Data’ string in some graph is not internationalized.
  • Issue Id: 123859 – Live Report drill-down didn’t pass proper time-range.
  • Issue Id: 125582 – While sorting the column in table data leads to table empty in Traffic Trend report.
  • Issue Id: 125598 – Getting ‘NullPointerException’ in weekly trend comparison reports page.
  • Issue Id: 125456 – Getting ‘NullPointerException’ while parsing SonicWall logs.
  • Support Id: 4343907 – Data movement to data tables isn’t working due to large duration value in few Syslogs in SonicWALL device.


Build Release

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