Desktop Central 10 – Hotfix 267 Build Version: 10.0.267
  1. The new, intuitive Patch Management dashboard has been introduced, making navigation seamless.
  2. Introducing ‘Latest Security News’ feed in your dashboard to help you stay ahead of vulnerabilities.
  3. The drivers required for OS Deployment will now be automatically collected using Desktop Central agent.
  4. MDM now supports VPN for Android devices as well.
  1. Enhancements have been introduced to the Patch Management interface.
  2. Graphs showing Windows 10 computers by version, Computers by Operating System, Missing patches based on release and approval time have been added.
  3. OS Deployment user interface is now available in French Language.
  4. You can now install the image creator component for OS Deployment through DC agent.
  5. MDM now displays basic information such as IMEI, IMSI, phone number etc., for Windows laptops and Surface Pros.
  6. MDM now lets you choose between the default device launcher and MDM launcher for Kiosk in Android devices.
  7. You can now directly upload and distribute the dependent files along with the Windows apps.
  8. MDM now allows you to remotely reboot devices with just a single click.
  9. MDM now lets you display the terms of use pertaining to the organization, on the ME MDM app.
  10. MDM now lets you configure device privacy settings, specifying the type of data which can be collected, the commands to be executed on the device etc.,
Bug Fixes
  1. Issue in syncing active directory and assignment of users in MDM has been fixed.
  2. Issues in displaying app summary and app installation, for some iOS apps that were previously in trash, have been fixed.
  3. Issues in renewing the APNs certificate during certain cases have been fixed.
  4. Issues in modifying the group while assigning a DEP device have been fixed.
Desktop Central 10 – Hotfix 266 Build Version: 10.0.266
Bug Fixes
  1. Warranty details of HP computers can now be tracked using Desktop Central Inventory.
Desktop Central 10 – Hotfix 265 Build Version: 10.0.265
Bug Fixes
  1. Privacy and Security issues while sending help desk requests from agent tray icon under specific scenarios has been fixed.
Desktop Central 10 – Hotfix 256 Build Version: 10.0.256
Bug Fixes
  1. Issues in accessing Desktop Central Server under specific scenarios has been fixed.


Build Release

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