Desktop Management

  1. Desktop Central can now be integrated with Jira.
  2. OS Deployment now provides automatic download and installation of WinPE tool.
  3. Bandwidth utilization while remotely controlling computers has been optimized.
  4. Support for Template modification in OS Deployment has been introduced.
  5. Enhanced user experience for adding targets while creating a task in OS Deployment
  6. Recreate media can now be performed in OS Deployment
  7. Critical Vulnerability report that displays details of all the updates and patches released for a vulnerability, has been introduced.
  8. Setting to disable remote control session summary is provided.

Mobile Device Management

  1. MDM now supports new app-based and browser-based restrictions for Windows 10 devices
  2. You can now configure Single Sign On(SSO) for corporate apps/web services, for iOS devices.Learn More
  3. Mobile Device Manager Plus now supports VPN for specific corporate apps using per-app VPN . Available for iOS devices.Learn More
  4. MDM now supports quicker onboarding for Android devices, with the new Zero Touch Admin enrolment method.Learn More
  5. MDM now supports quicker onboarding for Windows 10 machines, with the new Admin enrolment method.Learn More
  6. In MDM,you can now remove apps from the App Repository, without requiring manual removal of the apps from associated groups/devices.
  7. MDM now supports easier workflow for managing apps previously installed by the user.
  8. MDM now automatically installs the app to be provisioned in ‘Single App Kiosk Mode’, on iOS devices.
  9. iOS Apps can now be automatically updated when the device is running Single App Kiosk mode
  10. Enhancements have been made to the iphone’s ME MDM app catalog.
  11. Remote Troubleshooting has been enhanced, to display the list of Remote-capable devices.
  12. iOS Wallpaper profile has now been enhanced to allow configuring different images for home screen and lock screen
  13. Scheduled reports now supports new criteria filters ‘Before N days’ and ‘Last N days’. This is useful for reports such as the Inactive Device reports etc.

Bug fixes

Desktop Management

  1. Issue in initiating chat while remotely controlling a computer has been fixed.
  2. Issue in un-installing old version of OSD agent components has been fixed in OS Deployment.
  3. Issue in Image Creator to server communication has been fixed in OS Deployment
  4. Executables are now code signed in Mac Agent.
  5. The CPU usage for patch scans has been optimised for dual core processors.
  6. Issue in event log entries has now been fixed.
  7. Issue in fetching service tag on some Linux machines has been fixed

Mobile Device Management

  1. An issue in showing wrong count for the number of devices in Apple DEP page dashboard has been fixed.
  2. Issue with timestamp shown while displaying device location has been fixed.
  3. App management using Android for Work(AfW) has now been enhanced with granular error identification.
  4. Issues with configuring AfW and silent Android app installation, has been fixed.
  5. Issues with distributing documents to iOS devices enrolled in older builds have been fixed
  6. Issues with importing/saving DEP token from Apple School Manager have been fixed
  7. MDM now displays granular details regarding insufficient licenses, for VPP-purchased apps.
  8. Delay in the app status update in the App catalog has been fixed.
  9. Issue in syncing with large Active Directory Domain is fixed.
  10. Performance enhancements and bug fixes in device groups management.
  11. Issue in Location History where the device may not render its path on the map, has been fixed.
  12. Issue in initiating Remote View for iOS devices using some Zoho Assist EU accounts, has been fixed
  13. Issue in iOS profiles containing Wallpaper policy not sent to devices, has been fixed.
  14. Issues with accessing the documents tab in ME MDM on Android devices, has been fixed.
  15. Issue found in Eventviewer log entries during an Inventory scan has been fixed.
  16. Issue in exporting contents, while performing remote registry operations has been fixed.
  17. Performance improvisation including updates on recent activity feeds under Tools.
  18. Issue in recording remote session during specific cases has been fixed.


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