Enhancements & Bug fixes between Builds 10032 and 10043


  1. You can distribute Firefox extensions silently to computers from a central console.
  2. You can now redirect websites from Firefox browser to Internet Explorer.
  3. Browser Security Plus now provides insights data on Firefox Browser.
  4. New Chrome 69 configuration for autofill feature specific to payment details and contact details is now supported by Browser Security Plus.
  5. Browser Security Plus now removes plugins on blacklisting.
  6. Users can now configure NAT Settings.
  7. You can now schedule reports to be mailed based on your requirements.
  8. You can now schedule database to be backed up based on your requirements.
  9. Descriptions for extension permissions has been introduced.

Bug Fixes:

  1. Browser Security Plus agent scan failure is fixed.
  2. Issue with opening web-client in Internet Explorer browser is fixed.
  3. An issue with duplication of Chrome insights data is fixed.
  4. An issue with uploading SSL certificate is fixed.
  5. An issue with detection of Firefox versions above 63 is fixed.
  6. An issue with Configuration of Zone settings in Internet explorer is fixed.
  7. An issue where an applied policy on deletion, remains applied to the computer, is fixed.
  8. Browser Security Plus agent upgradation issue is fixed.
  9. IE Zone Settings revert issue is fixed.

Enhancements & Bug fixes between Builds 10032 and 10020


  1. Roadmap request forms are introduced within multiple locations of Browser Security Plus web-client.
  2. Time zone is synced with the time zone set on the machine containing Browser Security Plus server.
  3. Password can now be reset from the command prompt.
  4. Domains can now be deleted when they aren’t required.
  5. Browser Security Plus now allows users to BlackList/ WhiteList URLs in FireFox browser
  6. Browser Security Plus now offers additional default compliance standards such as STIG and CIS Compliance

Bug Fixes:

  1. Issue with Browser Security Plus agent tray icon being grey even when active is fixed.
  2. Issue when https on being enabled in the product, does not open Browser Security Plus login page is fixed.
  3. Issue with computer not getting unmanaged on removing it from Scope of Management page is fixed.
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