Features in service pack 6129 (Released on: 25 July 2017)

  • AEF-51608 : Option to sync the deleted requesters / technicians from Active Directory to AE application. Once the sync is activated, it will show you a list of deleted requesters and technicians in the active directory from which you can chose to delete the users. You can also enable automatic deletion for requesters, so that when a requester is deleted in the active directory, the requester will be deleted from the AE application as well after a sync.
  • Note: Deleted user sync from the remote server to central server will not be supported.

Issues fixed in service pack 6129


  • AEI-44820 : Issue in fetching Service Packs/Hotfix while scanning windows machines.
  • AEI-65719 : Agent remote control is not working when DC is integrated with product.
  • AEI-66893 : User account information were duplicated during script scan.
  • AEI-64178 : Fetching last 5 characters of license key when the license key is not available.


  • AEI-63971 : VMs added in exclude device list are not excluded while scanning.
  • AEI-60286 : Exclude IPs/Devices from scan does not accept any IP range that ends with 100 like x.x.x.100
  • AEI-66623 : Server can be started after migration failure
  • AEI-66226 : Serial number is not fetched while scanning Cisco IP Phones.
  • AEI-66627 : StringIndexOutOfBoundsException while scanning a Cisco IP Phone.
  • AEI-67025 : NumberFormatException while scanning a Switch.
  • AEI-66241,AEI-62091 : Unable to scan Windows 8 to Windows 10 OS machines, if Hyper-V Windows feature is enabled under Control Panel.
  • AEI-65347 : Unable to fetch correct model name for HP printers.


  • AEI-58880 : Software : When the manufacturer for a software is changed from “Others” to “Microsoft”, certain individual/volume licenses are moved under CAL.
  • AEI-63987 : Software : While adding a license agreement, the pick list values for custom fields are not loaded.
  • AEI-64441 : Software : Unable to delete the site when it is associated with downgrade software license.
  • AEI-66365 : Software : NullPointerException while deleting certain software licenses imported from CSV.
  • AEI-64172 : Issue in displaying “Add Manufacturer” pop up in “Add New Software” form.
  • AEI-62150 : Unable to change the software types from scanned software list.


  • AEI-65673 : Item total cost fields are not restricted to two decimals in purchase request details page.
  • AEI-65804 : Purchase request id jumps by 300 on every restart of the application.
  • AEI-66174 : Unable to open purchase order in new tab from the PO list view.
  • AEI-66527 : The approval link in the notification mail doesn’t work for second level approvers in purchase request.
  • AEI-63126 : Approval limit of Purchase Order of an user is based on base currency instead of currency used in the PO.
  • AEI-65747 : Multiple submit clicks in “Notify the Vendor” pop up in PO results in multiple POs being placed to the vendor.
  • AEI-66200 : On receiving PO, CIs are added to wrong CI types, if the CI type has child CI types.
  • AEI-66679 : Error occurs while canceling a purchase request, if the “E-mail to purchase request’s requester and technician when request is cancelled” option is disabled under Admin –> Purchase Notification Rules.
  • AEI-60797 : “File not found” error occurs while downloading attachments in certain PO’s.


  • AEI-65883 : Unable to add a new vendor from a contract when a technician has contract full permission role alone.
  • AEI-61754 : Contract currency field displays currency in exponential form.


  • AEI-65158 : CMDB API : Unable to add CI if CI with same name already exists under a different CI Type.
  • AEI-65779 : CMDB API : Unable to add a requester CI with login name and password
  • AEI-65787,AEI-65834 : CMDB API : Unable to provide values from 13th asset additional field while adding or updating a CI..
  • AEI-66364 : CMDB API : Vulnerability issue while adding CI has fixed.
  • AEI-65943 : Business Impacts marked as ‘Not for further usage’ are displayed in CMDB.


  • AEI-66249 : Exception on editing CIs marked as Assets.
  • AEI-58915 : Unwanted 0kb pdf files are attached in mail notifications when no audit changes are detected during Domain/Network scan.
  • AEI-64321 : Failure message displayed during “Delete credential” operation is not translated for Non-English languages.


  • AEI-64303 : Report : Unable to delete the saved advance filter for custom report.
  • AEI-56494 : Report : Renewed contract are also displayed under Reports –> Contracts –> Expired Contracts.
  • AEI-65484 : Unable to view both dynamic and static views of the CI History’s data model under Reports.
  • AEI-65640,AEI-65534 : Unable to run the CI History report when database used is MSSQL.
  • AEI-66677 : “NullPointerException” occurs while generating the schedule report for CI History.


  • AEI-66163, AEI-62126, AEI-62185 : Unable to add attachments for Assets and software licenses.
  • AEI-66816 : OS of Debian machines was not properly identified.
  • AEI-67252 : Scan status with troubleshooting steps displayed in details page of SNMP devices too.
  • AEI-66127 : Error while performing remote control from IE as it required administrative privileges.


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