Issues fixed in 14080

  • Added new attributes – Wait Count, Total Blocking Time, Total Creation time for JBoss versions 7 and above.
  • ADDM (Application Discovery and Dependency Mapping) was not working for Windows monitors since Applications Manager Version 14020.
  • GetDowntimeDetails Rest API returned an ‘Invalid ResourceID’ message for the child monitors since Applications Manager Version 13780
  • In MySQL Master-Slave replication, when the slave node is changed to master, the details of the old slave node were not being removed.
  • The Action Type page (Configure Alarms -> Monitor Group -> Action Type (Individual)) does not list all monitors belonging to a monitor group when they have the same RESOURCENAME even for different monitor types.
  • The format of the PDF and CSV attachments of MS SQL Performance reports, sent via mail, was incorrect.
  • In Rest API monitor, for FORM type POST payload, if the content is base64 encoded, the data was being incorrectly decoded and sent.
  • In the ‘Availability and Health status for Multiple monitors’ widget configuration page, when the ‘From Monitor group’ option is selected (under ‘Show Monitors’), the subgroups listed contained ‘ ’ characters instead of white spaces. This issue has been present since Applications Manager Version 14020.
  • Imported Active Directory users are properly authenticated only after the user has logged into Applications Manager with the Active Directory credentials at least once. However, when using the Authenticator API, users should be authenticated at first sign in. This was not happening. This issue has been present since Applications Manager Version 13900.
  • Bulk Manage/Unmanage/Unmanage and Reset of SQL Jobs was not working if a job name contained a comma (,) in it.
  • In the latest service packs of SQL 2008, the Overview tab displayed empty values.
  • In SQL monitoring, the Job duration was being displayed incorrectly in the history.

APM Insight .Net Agent issue fixes:

  • Database connections were not being cleared due to a weak reference issue.
  • We now show the complete URL for Web Transactions.

Minor Enhancements in Build 14080

  • Support for switching between language preferences on-the-fly from Applications Manager’s UI.
  • AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) Encryption Support for SNMP Version 3 for monitor creation.

APM Insight Java Agent enhancements:

  • Support for the latest version of JDBC and Struts 2.x.
  • Support for PostgreSQL JDBC Version 42.2.5.
  • Support for Spring boot framework and Undertow web server.
Build Release

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