New Features in 13400 build

  • IBM DB2 for I Monitoring – Tune your IBM DB2 database server, ensure the availability and performance of your production databases, and gathering operating system level data to understand performance issues. Monitor Jobs status and health and optimize your DB2 server’s resources by minimizing network traffic, disk I/O and CPU time.
  • ManageEngine ADManager Plus Monitoring – Get critical information (like CPU and memory usage, thread count and PGSQL / MSSQL database details) essential to track the performance of ADManager Plus. 

Issues fixed in 13400 build

General Issues

  • For the Apache Monitor, data collection will happen via Apache HttpComponents instead of Innovation HTTPClient for supporting TLS 1.2.
  • Cores and Cache deleted from the Apache Solr server was not getting automatically removed from the Solr monitor in Applications Manager. This issue is fixed.
  • Application Manager was not able to monitor processes in HP UX. This issue is resolved.
  • Reporting could not be enabled when only HTTPS was enabled in Applications Manager. This issue is fixed.
  • In Database Query Monitor, duplicate Rows were added for Execution Time table, if a query had control character. This issue is resolved.
  • The time duration was not shown in the Availability Percentage PDF report. This issue is fixed.
  • The EUM Linux binaries were not working. This issue is fixed and you can download the new files here.
  • For JBoss Wildfly monitors, the issue in the configuration tab, where the remote JMX Port was not being displayed is fixed.
  • The forecast reports don’t work for Operator Role in MSSQL when the number of monitors in the monitor group and sub-groups is large.
  • The FTP Monitor edit page issue of incorrect options being displayed for radio buttons is resolved.
  • In SDP MSP Description > and < were being displayed as < and >.This issue is fixed and 
    has also been removed.
  • The issue of SAP CCMS data collection and action execution happening multiple times after a poll is fixed.
  • The issue in clearing attribute JBoss Request Failed Alert is fixed.
  • While adding a Jboss monitor, users can enable and provide authentication credentials. When the user changes his password, data collection should fail and he should be notified. But this was not happening. This issue is now resolved.
  • The login account’s security lockout (which should be enforced after a case of continuous failed logins) was not working. This issue is fixed.
  • The Monitor Groups of Managed Servers were not listed in Admin New Monitor Page for URL Monitors. This issue is resolved.
  • The issue with nested RCA message added for parent monitor from all child monitors of WebSphere Server is fixed.
  • No Sounds were being emitted for Push Notifications in IPhone app with iOS versions later than 10. This issue is fixed.
  • The OracleScheduledJobs query was being executed even when it was set to disabled. This issue is fixed.
  • The passwords for Basic/NTLM Authentication containing HTML specific special characters were failing in URL monitors. This issue is fixed.
  • Provided the option to enable reports for Sybase Log Used percentage.
  • In the Database Query monitor, the Query execution failure was not affecting the health of the Query monitor. This issue is fixed.
  • The Query monitor query and execution time was not being displayed when a query failed. This issue is resolved.
  • For SAP monitor’s attributes like CPU Utilization, the thresholds were not getting applied. This issue is fixed.
  • Script Monitors were not being listed under the corresponding Host Monitor details page when the host was changed. This issue is resolved.
  • The Self-monitoring feature throws an error saying data collection is not happening for EUM monitors (after they go in Maintenance / Unmanage & Manage mode). This issue is resolved.
  • The issue of ServiceNow urgency value not being populating is fixed.
  • Edit and update options were not working for Trap Listener. This issue is resolved.
  • The tablespace query for DB2 version 9.8 and 11 has been corrected.
  • The issue where reporting could be disabled for default attributes in Windows 10 and Windows 2016 is resolved.
  • Users were unable to change the device icons in topology map. This issue is resolved.
  • Users were unable to create String Threshold when Minimum and Maximum ‘Polls to try’ count is equal like 1 out of 1. This issue is fixed.
  • Provided the option to View Business view settings for the USER role.
  • When monitoring newer versions (8, 9, 10) of JBoss, the Web/servlet table data was not being displayed. This issue is fixed.
  • Webapps were being retained in Applications Manager even though they are deleted in JBoss Server.
  • When empty monitor groups are present, the critical snapshot report for monitor groups is incomplete. This issue is resolved.
  • The issue of page load time not being set while importing scripts from the Selenium IDE is fixed.
  • The windows OS type for 2012 is properly handled in SNMP.
  • The Windows service Action was not working for File/Directory monitor when a remote host for monitoring. This issue is resolved.
  • The issue of WUE monitor not working due to Rest API changes in Site24x7 is fixed.
  • Enabling and Disabling Weblogic Webapps/Ejb’s/Servlet’s Functionality was not working properly. This issue is resolved.
  • The Monitor Group and Sub-Group names were not being displayed in mapped order. This issue is fixed.
  • If there are any RBM scripts running when the EUM Agent is restarted, these scripts won’t be rescheduled, which results in data collection not happening. This issue is resolved.
  • The Dashboard Template associated to a Monitor group is removed from all the monitor groups while deleting it from one of the monitor groups.
  • Available Oracle database monitors were not getting listed in the Available Devices list in Topology Map View. This issue is resolved.

Security Issues:

  • The Downtime scheduler pages were accessible even without the user logging into Applications Manager. This issue is resolved.
  • We have taken measures to prevent SQL injection attack on the haid attribute in
  • We have updated commons-collections jar to v3.2.2 to fix the deserialization vulnerability.
  • The RBM JSP page was accessible even without the user logging into Applications Manager.

Minor Enhancements in 13400 Build

  • Enterprise Edition – Option to add server down instruction in down mail of the manager server.
  • Execute Action option from the Alarm List View
  • Enhanced ManageEngine OpManager Monitoring with MSSQL database stats.
  • Enhanced PostgreSQL Monitoring with current query execution stats.
  • Enhanced SDP Monitoring with PGSQL & MSSQL database statistics.
  • Option to display SubGroups in the Monitor Group Widget.
  • Option to view Monitor Group as Status Lights in the Business View.



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