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  • SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) via Line Works: ADSelfService Plus supports SSO through Line Works, which acts both as identity and service provider.
  • Support for multi-factor authentication (MFA) via Line Works: ADSelfService Plus now supports MFA via Line Works, in addition to One Login and Okta, for user authentication during self-service password reset and account unlock.
  • Issue that caused an SSRF vulnerability is fixed.
  • Issue in configuring OpenLDAP with Common Name (CN) is fixed.
  • Issue of product crashing when the configured GINA Frame Text exceeds the character limit during translation.
  • Issue which permitted users to close the password reset/account unlock window of the Windows logon agent.
  • XSS vulnerability in the employee search, and the self-update layout.
  • Issue in translating certain fields in the self-update layout of the end-user portal, from English to the selected language in the personalization section.
  • Issue which failed to display the mobile number format for the users in the User Registration section during enrollment.
  • Issue which failed to update the authentication settings for the configured mail server in the password expiration notifier free tool.
  • Issue in NTLM SSO if the configured service account contains special characters.
  • Issue in displaying the strength of the password entered in the reset, and change password pages.
  • Issue in auto-generating passwords due to inconsistencies in the enforced password policy.
  • Issue in modifying the font size of the Chinese characters in the Logon Page Customizer.
  • Issue that truncates the email content sent to authenticate users’ identity during two-factor authentication.
  • Issue in importing enrollment data from MS SQL databases that have NTLMv2 session security enforced.
  • Issue which slowed down the generation of Non-Enrolled Users Report.
  • Issue which caused SAML-logout failure.

The mobile app deployment feature gets a makeover with the new flat user interface and a few enhancements.

  • Trial mode: Test drive this feature by deploying the ADSelfService Plus iOS app for ten users’ mobile devices, with minimal configurations.
  • Automated CSR signing from ManageEngine while configuring APNs.
  • Schedulers to automate iOS app installation status.
  • An XML External Entity vulnerability that occurs while uploading product license is fixed.
  • Removed the dependancy on OpenSSL as a vulnerability fix.
  • Issue in domain data sync which failed to update deleted domain objects in ADSelfService Plus.
  • Issue in accessing ADSelfService Plus’ portal through the older version of GINA/CP logon agent.

  • JRE bundled with ADSelfService Plus is updated to version
  • Apache Tomcat server bundled with ADSelfService Plus is updated to version 8.5.32.
  • PostgreSQL server bundled with ADSelfService Plus is updated to version 9.4.14.
  • Fixed a script issue in force enrollment logon prompt.

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Build Release

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