• Customizable verification code length: Specify the length of verification codes to be sent to users via email and SMS from the web console.
  • Ability to install GINA/CP logon agent using DNS hostname: The GINA/CP logon agent can now be installed on machines using the DNS hostname in addition to the sAMAccountName.

Issue fixed:

  • Issue in adding service account in domain settings when the password exceeds 100 characters.
  • Issue in sending bulk emails due to minimum authentication count set in the SMTP server.
  • Issue which listed machines with incomplete client software updates along with the error occurred machines.
  • Issue which failed to display the title image of ADSelfService Plus when accessed via mobiles.
  • Issue in changing the product logo size.
  • Issue which displayed the newly imported questions from CSV as admin-defined questions instead of listing it with the user-defined questions.
  • Issue which truncates SMS messages with the ‘&’ character.
  • Issue in using custom attributes with boolean datatype in the self-update layout.
  • Issue in sending test SMS from the ADSelfService Plus licensed Clickatell provider.
  • ADSelfService Plus now utilizes TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 for improved security.
  • Issue in configuring OpenLDAP for password synchronization when the domain name contains space.
  • Issue which accepted invalid certificates in the Mac logon agent.
  • Issue in providing appropriate permissions to technicians for fetching enrollment data from the MS SQL database.
  • Issue in generating reports when the MS SQL database name starts with a number.
  • Issue in loading the login page when Safari browser attempts to access ADSelfService Plus using an NTLM account.
  • Issue in configuring header and footer content in the authentication pages of RSA SecurID, RADIUS Authentication, and Duo Security.
  • Issue in password synchronization between multiple domains when users change their password for the first time.
  • Issue which denied password reset for a user if an admin had deleted another user with the same display name in Active Directory.
  • Issue in password synchronization with Salesforce.
  • Issue which prompted users to change their passwords when they attempt to access ADSelfService Plus using SAML-based authentication if their password is set to never expire.
Build Release

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