New Feature:

  • RSA SecurID-based authentication:
    You can now use RSA SecurID as an option for Two Factor Authentication (TFA) for secure access to ADManager Plus.
  • Single Sign-On to logon to ADManager Plus:
    Users can access ADManager Plus by just logging on to their Windows machines, by enabling Single Sign On.
  • Configure Auto reply in Office 365:
    Enable, disable, or schedule auto reply for the Exchange Online mailboxes of multiple users. You can also set separate messages for internal and external users.


  • Remove group memberships while modifying users, computers, groups and contacts and remove proxyAddresses for users, groups and contacts in bulk using CSV file.
  • Update the manager field for users, computers, groups and OUs using sAMAccountName in CSV file while modifying them in bulk.
  • Auto reply can be configured for users using modification templates in single user modification.


  • You can create notification profiles exclusively for OUs.
  • While viewing scheduled automation, reports, and advanced reports, you can now use filters to view only the ones created by you, shared by you, and shared to you.

Export user mailbox: You can use delete policy to automatically export user mailboxes as a PST file to the specified location before deleting the Active Directory user accounts. You can also track the status of the export mailbox operations with Mailbox Export History option.

Skype for Business/Lync:

  • Modify users’ Skype for Business/Lync properties using the single user modification feature.
  • Assign mobility policy for users in Skype for Business/Lync Server 2013 and above using templates during single user creation and modification.
  • Modify users’ Skype for Business/Lync policies such as Location, Client version, Client, PIN, Mobility, External access in bulk user modification.


The following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • Unable to update user photos to exchangePhoto attribute in bulk user modification.
  • Unable to edit, create or delete GPO if LDAPS feature is enabled in connection settings in ADManager Plus.
  • Users not listed while configuring auto reply settings using bulk user management feature.
  • Error in configuring multiple email addresses for administrator in Email server settings.
  • Unable to configure HTTP Request Headers in SMS gateway settings in Admin settings.
  • Error in displaying the owner name in Shares in the servers report.
  • Unable to change templates while processing workflow requests.
  • Technician’s name displayed as ADManager Plus Admin even if actions were performed by other help desk technicians through workflow module in help desk audit report.


Build Release

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