New feature:

  • Custom Report builder:

    The new version of ADManager Plus allows you to create Active Directory reports specific to your needs. While creating custom reports, you can

    • Choose specific domains and OUs for which the report has to be generated.
    • Create reports for any of the objects such as users, groups, computers, and contacts
    • Group the custom reports into different categories.

The solution also offers the ability to modify or delete the custom reports and delegate the reports to relevant help desk technicians.


  • Help Desk – Reset Password Console option on the home page has an additional option to generate Random Password in the Reset Password actions


  • Notifications: Email and SMS alert to notify users of the execution of an automated task.
  • Group management: Automated group membership management just got better with new actions such as Add groups and Remove groups.
  • User management: Option to automate user management via Office 365 reports.
  • Office 365 license management: You can now automatically remove the Office 365 license assigned to users, at the desired time.

Business Workflow:

  • Multiple business workflows: Create and use as many workflows as needed, for monitoring the execution of different types of AD tasks.
  • Integrated request assignment and notification rules: Set the assignment and notification rules, easily and quickly, in a single operation.
  • While setting rule criteria, you can now set a rule based on the domain name in Assigning Rules in Workflow


The following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • While running a custom script configured in Delete policy while deleting users, you can now retrieve the department name of the deleted user(s) apart from the samAccountName of the user(s).
  • Error in Exchange mailbox database quota values if the mailbox has “Use the default database quota”.
  • Unable to enter case-sensitive values in Titles & Departments and Offices & Companies in Admin settings.
  • Error in naming the licenses in Assign Licenses field in user creation
  • When the country code is entered, the product populates the wrong country in user and contact creation
  • Unable to receive SMS notification on account unlock
  • In Syslog integration, the technician’s name was missing in the help desk audit report.
  • ADMP-SDP integration has an authorization error in SDP if the technician is deleted and recreated in ADMP with the same set of credentials.


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