Build 6590 (August 2017)

New feature:

GPO management:

  • Create GPOs: Now you can create GPOs and link them to OUs, sites, or a domain (either at the time of its creation or later) without using GPMC.
  • Edit GPOs: Options to search and modify the administrative template settings, for both computer and user configurations, have been provided now.
  • Delete GPOs: You can now delete single or multiple GPOs, in one go.

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Archive audit report: The new feature helps archive help desk audit reports as well as customize the archive interval and the retention period.


  • Report driven GPO management: You can now delete a GPO, enable the user configuration settings, computer configuration settings, or enable/disable all the settings from ‘GPO Reports’ itself.
  • GPO management:
    • ‘Link GPO’ option helps to link existing GPOs to multiple containers, at once.
    • A revamped UI which lists GPOs, and also has a toggle button to easily enable or disable the configuration settings.
  • Scheduled audit reports: You can now generate reports automatically at a specific time or at regular intervals.
  • Custom LDAP attributes: ADManager Plus now supports LDAP attributes with Generalized-Time syntax (UTC coded time).
  • JRE upgrade: ADManager Plus now uses updated version of JRE for enhanced security.
  • UPN/email suffix selection:
    • Using ADManager Plus, you can now select the UPN suffixes and email suffixes which are already configured in your domain.
    • Remote routing address suffixes can be selected from the addresses configured in your Office 365.
    • New suffixes can be added to users’ UPN, email address or remote routing address, without actually creating a new suffix in AD or Office 365 domain.


The following issues have been fixed in this release:

  • Child OUs being displayed multiple times while editing ‘User Creation Templates’.
  • Danish characters æ, å, and ø not accepted during user creation (‘Simple display name’ field).
  • Shared folder creation error when the home directory ends with ‘$’.
  • Issue while connecting to Office 365, if the machine where ADManager Plus is installed has .NET framework (version 3.* and 4.*) and Exchange server (2007 or 2010).
  • Prompting for OU name during bulk OU creation, though the CSV file already contains the name of OU in which new OUs are to be created.


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Build Release

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