ADManager Plus Release Notes

Build 6580 (June 2017)

New Features:

  • Active Directory management notifications: This feature notifies all the relevant stakeholders via email and/or SMS, whenever an AD, Office 365 or Exchange management action is executed. Further, the notification messages can be customized based on the management action performed, the domain in which it is performed or the technician who performs the action.
  • Litigation hold enabled Exchange Online mailboxes report: View all the Office 365 users for whose Exchange Online mailboxes the litigation hold option is enabled. 
  • Recently created, modified, and deleted contacts reports: Fetch the complete list of recently created, modified and deleted Active Directory contacts.
  • Exchange Online (Office 365) mailbox management: Enable litigation hold and in-place archive, and also add proxy addresses for the mailboxes of Office 365 users in bulk, using the new features added to the Exchange Online management module.
  • ServiceNow integration: IT help desk technicians can now create Active Directory users, and also manage them – reset passwords, enable or disable, unlock and delete user accounts – easily and instantly, right from within the ServiceNow console. 
  • Product update notification: This option keeps you informed about the new features and enhancements added to ADManager Plus so that you can update your installation to the latest version. 


  • Office 365 management:
    • Flexibility to choose any attribute other than the default ‘objectGUID’ as the ‘sourceAnchor’ to replicate changes made in the on-premises AD in Office 365 environment.
    • Option to automatically install MSOnline PowerShell module for Azure Active Directory, prerequisite for managing Office 365 accounts via ADManager Plus.
    • While creating shared mailbox in Office 365, it is now possible to specify an email address also, along with the other settings. 
  • Organizational unit (OU) modification:
    • Single OU modification: Allows you to make the desired changes to any specific OU.
    • OU modification templates: Allows you to modify multiple attributes of an OU, all at once.
    • ‘Protect OU from accidental deletion’ option in CSV-based bulk modification of OUs. 
  • Custom script option in computer, OU and group creation templates, to execute the desired action after the completion of computer, OU and group creation tasks. 
  • Contact creation: Option to use templates while creating contacts in bulk. 
  • Delegation:
    • Option to set a default template for each domain in which the technician has been allowed to carry out the assigned management actions. 
    • Audit reports now also display the module that was used by the help desk technicians while performing the assigned actions. 
  • All users report will now display users’ profile photos also, if available, along with all the other details about the users.
  • While creating Exchange mailbox for users via the single user creation feature, it is now possible to select the desired DAG too. 


The following issues have been fixed in this release: 

  • XSS issue in help desk roles, assignment rules in workflow and detailed group membership report.
  • Issue in migrating from MySQL to MSSQL database. 
  • The ‘Exclude Child OUs’ option not functioning properly while generating the ‘users with empty attributes’ report through scheduler. 
  • Office 365 license not being removed properly using the disable policy. 
  • Error in generating the ‘computers not in group’ report. 
  • They keystore password not being encrypted when the ‘Encrypt Keystore Password’ option is enabled. 


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Build Release

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