About this webinar

Password theft is one of the main intrusion techniques hackers use. Most organisations rely heavily on passwords alone to secure their network resources, but users often create weak passwords and reuse them across critical business accounts to avoid password fatigue. This makes stealing passwords to get hold of network resources easy. 

So, what can you do to improve security? Enforce custom password policies that require users to create strong passwords. Make stolen passwords ineffective by mandating additional layers of authentication to access applications, their workstations, etc. 

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Join us and learn how to enforce,

  • Advanced password policy controls. Enforce stronger passwords for users by forcing special characters, blacklisting dictionary words and patterns (like password@123) in their password. Also enforce the password history option during reset. 
  • 2FA for Windows logons. Secure local and remote Windows logons with an additional layer of authentication.
  • MFA for self-password resets. Use MFA to ensure users reset their passwords and unlock their accounts securely.  
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