Why attend this webinar?

Passwords have been around for a long time, and are still the prominent method of authentication for organisations. Unfortunately, they are also the leading cause of most data-related breaches and cyberattacks. With organisations embracing hybrid IT infrastructures and the increase in the number of connected devices, there are now more possible points of compromise than ever.  

The root of the problem here is not the passwords themselves, but how they’re managed. Password policies in Active Directory let users get away with using weaker passwords, and the most recent security features still aren’t strong enough to enforce secure passwords. Further, organisations are falling short of solutions that can provide security without compromising the end user experience. 

In This Webinar, You’ll Learn How To: 

  • Secure your hybrid identities by  identifying weak passwords and employing strong password policies in accordance with today’s cybersecurity requirements.
  • Bridge the gap between security and user convenience with two-factor authentication (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO) techniques.  
  • Secure access to custom applications (SAML supported)  from a centralised dashboard.
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