Free Training – NetFlow Analyzer, Bandwidth Management

Duration: 60 minutes.

December 6th 16:30pm GMT

Getting the initial settings right!


  • Configuring flow exports easy way
  • Traffic grouping
  • Application mapping
  • Customized traffic monitoring
  • Alerting

December 13th, 16:30pm GMT

Diagnose and troubleshoot traffic issues faster.


  • Exporting flows

    How to easily export flows from various device types.

  • Traffic grouping

    How create different traffic groups in NetFlow Analyzer to monitor traffic effectively.

  • Application mapping

    How to map the exact applications that are listed as “Unknown” in your NetFlow Analyzer graphs.

  • Customize traffic monitoring

    Discover various ways to customize your traffic graphs.

  • Alerting

    How create threshold-based alerts and act on them.

  • Share knowledge base and best practices

    Address known issues with confidence, such as when NetFlow Analyzer says “Data Not Available.”

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